P3 (english)

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P3 (english) by Mind Map: P3 (english)

1. Where

1.1. On the edge of the Papieri area. Accessible from the town centre. Visible but not completely open.

2. When

2.1. We started the project after collecting many visions for the Papieri

2.2. Since 1st of October we installed the containers and fixed infrastructure issues

2.3. We opened P3 at 31. October 2013 with a ceremony

2.4. We lived in the containers for 3 days and had the chance to talk to various visitors,from the neighborhood

3. Who

3.1. Papierisch is a local group of creative people with a mixed skill set and great passion.

4. How

4.1. Low budget

4.2. Everybody contributes what he is willing to

4.3. We managed to build a positive image. Accepted by owners of Papieri and local government.

5. What

5.1. 3 containers 250x250x250 placed on a outdoor parking ground

5.2. Several cultural events per year

5.3. Open space for everybody to bring on their own ideas

6. Why

6.1. To give the discourse about the Papieri a place

6.2. To connect the emerging neighborhood

6.3. To involve people

6.4. To have fun together

6.5. To build the future as we want it to be