Terrified to Terrific

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Terrified to Terrific by Mind Map: Terrified to Terrific

1. Product: Coaching

2. Product: Coaching

3. Product: VIP programme: developing charisma - Presence, Power, Warmth

4. Preparation

4.1. Event

4.1.1. What's the purpose

4.1.2. Who do you know who has been

4.1.3. Who do you know who will be there Product: VIP Programme Accompanied networking

4.2. Purpose

4.2.1. What impression do you have to make

4.2.2. What do you want to get out of it

4.2.3. What impression do you want to make Product: Personal Branding Product: Business Branding

4.2.4. Who do you want to meet

4.2.5. What are you looking for – be specific

4.2.6. What might people ask you Product: Coaching Product: Interview Skills Training

4.2.7. What should you say in a 60 second pitch Product: Sales training

4.3. Logistics

4.3.1. Booking Timing Tickets Contact details

4.3.2. Where Directions Parking

4.4. You

4.4.1. What to wear Product: Image Makeover Product: Personal Shopping

4.4.2. Dealing with the self talk Product: Coaching Product: Relaxation Techniques

4.4.3. Physical appearance Product: Exercise Programme Product: Weight Loss Programme Product: Hairstyle

5. Walking in

5.1. Imagine yourself to be confident before you go in the door

5.2. Smile

5.2.1. Product: Teeth whitening

5.2.2. Product: Orthodontic treatment

5.3. Saying hello

5.3.1. Who to approach

5.3.2. Who to talk to

5.3.3. What to say

6. Introducing yourself

6.1. The 60 second pitch

6.1.1. Product: Coaching

6.1.2. Product: Presentation Skills

7. Building rapport

7.1. Authenticity

7.1.1. Know, like, trust

7.1.2. Eye contact

7.2. Ask questions

7.3. Think how you can help the other person

7.4. When to stop talking

7.5. Handing out business cards

8. Follow up

8.1. LinkedIn

8.1.1. Social Media Product: Social Media Training

8.2. Email

8.3. Phone call

8.3.1. Product: Sales Training

8.4. Next event

8.5. How many touchpoints do you need?