The book thief 40/100

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The book thief 40/100 by Mind Map: The book thief 40/100

1. characters

1.1. narrator

1.1.1. death

1.1.2. likes chocolate-colored sky

1.1.3. gentle being not a evil being from another world

1.2. Leisel Meminger

1.2.1. abandoned by mother The book thief and her brother were traveling down towards Munich where they would meet there foster parents.

1.2.2. her brother died on train

1.2.3. foster child

1.2.4. wants to learn how to read Has the grave diggers handbook

1.2.5. The book thief When the dragging was done the foster mother and the girl stood and left will they were walking the girl picked up a book that the guard dropped.

1.3. Rosa Hubermann

1.3.1. adopted Leisel lieisel foster parent

1.3.2. mean to everybody

1.3.3. wife to Hans hubermann

1.3.4. job is a maid

1.3.5. small dwarf

1.3.6. her cooking is atrocious

1.4. Han Hubermann

1.4.1. adopted leisel

1.4.2. husband to Rosa Hubermann

1.4.3. loves to smoke and roll cigg

1.4.4. job is a painter

1.5. Rudy Steiner

1.5.1. leisel guy friend

1.5.2. dressed like Jesse Owens

1.5.3. likes leisel alot

1.6. Max Vandenburg

1.6.1. Jews man

1.6.2. Hans saved him from the germans

2. theme

3. setting

3.1. 1939 Nazi Germany

4. author

4.1. Markus Zusak

4.1.1. he was born on 23 June 1975

4.1.2. has 2 children

4.1.3. wrote two books I am the messenger and The book thief

5. Quotes and insights

5.1. The only thing worst than a boy hates you, a boy that loving you.

5.2. A snow ball in the face is surely the perfect beginning to a