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Sovereignty by Mind Map: Sovereignty

1. nation state

1.1. formal recognition of a state by the United Nations

1.2. a combination of a people who have declared their independence and the state or a government that can exercise its authority over a defined area of land

2. How is soveignty being threatened?

2.1. TNC's

2.1.1. moving power away from governments

2.1.2. don't fall under the sovereignty under government

2.1.3. destroying cultures

2.1.4. Is it really attacking a sovereign state, or just culture?

2.2. revolution

2.2.1. governments being overturned by the people

2.3. global mobility

2.3.1. migration

2.3.2. diffusion

2.4. the internet

2.5. non-governmental organizations

2.5.1. red cross

2.5.2. WWF

2.5.3. Greenpeace

2.6. governmental organizations

2.6.1. EU

2.6.2. United Nations

2.6.3. NATO

3. Definition

3.1. -the power a government has over its country

3.2. the people of an area claiming that they are unique and different

3.3. a governments control over its own country

3.4. the influence one country has over another country

3.5. the ability to rule over one's country or nation