My Student Led Conference Plan (plan clockwise)

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My Student Led Conference Plan (plan clockwise) by Mind Map: My Student Led Conference Plan (plan clockwise)

1. My Learning Skills

1.1. Responsibility (being responsible for my belongings and school work)

1.1.1. I am proud of the way I've been looking after my iPod. Last year, I was always breaking it.

1.1.2. I need to work on making sure I do my part in group work.

1.2. Organization (being organized in my belongings and school work)

1.3. Self Regulation (controlling my emotions and behaviour)

1.4. Independent Work (working well on my own)

1.5. Collaboration (working well with others)

1.6. Initiative (doing great things even without being asked)

2. My Academic Progress

2.1. French

2.2. Visual Arts

2.3. Drama/Dance

2.4. Music

2.5. Math

2.6. English

2.7. Science

2.8. Health/Phys. Ed.

2.9. History

3. A Math Concept to Explain (Choose 1)

3.1. How to find the perimetre and area of a floorplan

3.1.1. Going to show how to find the area of a composite shape.

3.1.2. Need to explain how to find the area of a few shapes then add it up.

3.1.3. Need a ruler, pencil, calculator, GOOS paper, and the problem.

3.2. How to draw similar and congruent shapes

3.3. How to add and subtract fractions

4. A Text I Have Read (in French or English)

4.1. Summary

4.2. My Opinion

4.3. What I Learned

5. 3 main things I am proud of...

5.1. Academic

5.2. Learning Skills

5.3. Personal

6. My 3 main areas in need of improvement

6.1. Academic

6.2. Learning Skills

6.3. Personal

7. Things i will need for my Student Led Conference

8. What I will do to improve

8.1. Learning Skill Goal

8.2. Academic Goal

8.3. Personal Goal