Reading 4-1: Organizing for an Emerging World

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Reading 4-1: Organizing for an Emerging World by Mind Map: Reading 4-1: Organizing for an Emerging World

1. Rethinking Boundaries

1.1. No company's restructuring should be viewed as a blueprint for that of another

1.1.1. Some companies are very dependent on Regional Layers

1.1.2. Some companies barely need Regional Layers Smaller need for functions like HR and Marketing leads to cost and complexity reductions

1.2. Many companies have too many processes and little overview about them

1.2.1. Solutions Don't standardize more than is necessary Fit technology to the process, not vice versa Prefer standard principles to detailed rules for local processes Listen to voices from all the functions that are involved in making a process better and make sure those people can continue communicating with each other Implement new processes from the top

2. Corporate Centers should move closer to high-growth markets

2.1. Gives companies better understanding and insights

2.2. Sends out clear signal

2.3. Is often not done because of history, convenience or legalities

2.3.1. Virtual Headquarters New lighter headquarter should act as 'heart' of organization

3. Coordinate Communication

3.1. Understand the number and value of the communications that managers participate in

3.1.1. Divide which linkages to add, keep or drop