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Energy by Mind Map: Energy

1. Kinetic Energy

1.1. Energy of movement

1.2. Examples: Falling book, running horse

1.3. Kinetic Energy

2. Potential Energy

2.1. Energy stored because of position or shape

2.2. Examples: Playing a wineglass, holding a book in the air

2.3. Potential Energy

3. Mechanical Energy

3.1. The energy of motion and position, yet not atomic or molecular

3.2. Examples: Bouncing balls, running people

3.3. Mechanical Energy

4. Thermal Energy

4.1. Moving particles experiencing friction and causing heat and visible light (only at extreme temperatures

4.2. Examples: Fire, molten metal

4.3. Thermal Energy

5. Electromagnetic Energy

5.1. Travels through space in waves at the speed of light

5.2. Examples: Visible light, x-rays

5.3. Electromagnetic Energy

6. Nuclear Energy

6.1. Energy stored withing atomic nuclei

6.2. Examples: Atomic bomb, power plant

6.3. Nuclear Energy

7. Chemical Energy

7.1. Energy stored in chemical bonds which (when broken) produce energy to be used for work

7.2. Examples: Oil, photosynthesis

7.3. Chemical Energy

8. Electrical Energy

8.1. Electricity, energy newly derived from electrical potential energy, both natural and manmade

8.2. Examples: Batteries, lightning

8.3. Electrical Energy