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Energy by Mind Map: Energy

1. Mechanical

1.1. Book definition: Energy associated with the motion and position of objects.

1.2. My definition: Depends on motion and position.

1.3. Examples: Speeding trains and bouncing balls

2. Thermal

2.1. Book definition: Total potential and kinetic energy related to the motion of all microscopic particles.

2.2. My definition: Potential plus Kinetic

2.3. Examples: Heating up something in the microwave, and Lava heating up.

3. Electromagnetic

3.1. Book Definition:Energy that travels through space in waves

3.2. My definition: Energy traveling through space

3.3. Examples: Stars, X-rays

4. Nuclear

4.1. Book definition: Energy stored in atomic nuclei.

4.2. My definition: Energy that is stored in cells nucleus.

4.3. Examples: Nucleus of an atom and the sun.

5. Potential

5.1. Book definition: Energy stored in result of a position or shape.

5.2. My definition: An object that is not moving.

5.3. Examples: Plucking the strings of a guitar and dropping a book.

6. Chemical

6.1. Book definition: Energy stored in chemical bonds

6.2. Examples: Toasting marshmallows and car engines.

7. Kinetic

7.1. Book definition: Depends on its mass and speed

7.2. My definition: An object in motion

7.3. Examples: Skiing down a hill and roller skating

8. Electric

8.1. Book definition: Energy associated with electric charges

8.2. My definition: Giving off electricity

8.3. Examples: Lightning bolts and flashlights