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Concept Maps by Mind Map: Concept Maps

1. Knowledge being Modeled

1.1. Brainstorming

1.2. Organizational Skills

1.3. Mapping Digitally

1.4. Technical Abilities

2. MindMeister

2.1. Very Meaningful

2.1.1. Intricate

2.1.2. Organized

2.2. Very Useful

2.2.1. Cut/Paste

2.2.2. Can Add Images

2.2.3. Can be Shared Online

2.3. Great for Concept Mapping

2.3.1. Easy to Use

2.3.2. Visually Striking

3. Graphics Library

3.1. Can Use Web Images

3.2. Lots of Clip Art

3.3. Can Add Files and Links

3.3.1. *Link is to MindMeister's Mind Mapping Video*

4. Different Templates and Nodes

4.1. Easy to Duplicate

4.2. Varied Templates for Unique Projects

4.3. Nodes are Easy to Move and Create

5. *This site has great features that enhances the users ability to map key ideas or strategies for almost any project!*