Class Projects/Presentations

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Class Projects/Presentations by Mind Map: Class Projects/Presentations

1. Deciding on a Topic

1.1. relevance to assignment

1.2. presents an argument or idea

1.3. has a good supply of informantion

2. Gathering Information

2.1. relevance to topic

2.2. reliable sources

2.3. supports your argument

2.4. provide information on contradictions to your argument

3. Time Management

3.1. allow for disruptions

3.2. spread process over allotted period

3.3. get it started

4. Putting it Together

4.1. organization

4.2. eye catcher

4.3. strong points at each end

5. Presenting It

5.1. easy for audience to grasp idea

5.2. put energy into it

5.3. leave audience thinking