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Concept Map by Mind Map: Concept Map

1. Meaningful Learning

1.1. MindMeister is an engaging way to actively encourage learning. Students get to make decisions about the direction their concept map is going to take. They are in control and can see their actions displayed in their map.

1.2. Students have the opportunity to reflect on their concept maps by being constructive about what they have created and can demonstrate what they have learned.

1.3. Students are planning out their thoughts using a concept map and technology. They are visualizing goals and being intentional in their learning.

1.4. Concept maps like Mindmeister can be used for real world problems, such as to-do lists or helping to organize thoughts for a paper. Students are being authentic in their learning.

1.5. Students can work together to create concept maps, they can brainstorm together and share ideas.

2. In the Classroom

2.1. Brainstorm

2.1.1. A great tool to help you brainstorm ideas with your students.

2.2. Visualize

2.2.1. Since this is a visual tool, students get to help make decisions and can see those decisions come to life.

2.3. Reflection

2.3.1. Students can build and reflect on ideas. They can help each other and share knowledge through concept maps. They can better organize their thoughts on an idea.

3. Why Digital Concept Maps

3.1. Paper concept maps are a thing of the past. By presenting material digitally and through technology you are helping students visualize and organize their ideas better.

3.1.1. Easy to edit and constantly build on.

3.1.2. Endless branching opportunities to encourage growth and development on ideas.

3.1.3. You can add more than just text to digital concept maps, this aids with more learning opportunities.

3.1.4. Engages students and allows them to collaborate together in groups or as a class.

4. Why MindMeister Over Others?

4.1. Easy to use

4.2. Stores online

4.3. Easy to edit and share

4.4. Publish online