OER project

Just an initial demo map, so that you don't start with an empty map list ...

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OER project by Mind Map: OER project

1. content:

1.1. use images and text

1.2. create own video

1.2.1. best format for me? Camtasia Relay?

1.2.2. Powerpoint + camtasia relay

1.2.3. Xerte can use embedded video (what format?

1.3. link to other OER resources

1.4. interactive games?

1.4.1. Xerte has interactive templates

1.4.2. multiple choice? statistics facts

1.4.3. drag and drop?

2. topic: digital practice linked to what I know - ethics in digital practice

2.1. what is the best platform for it:

3. who is it for? my interest in education means I need to pick an audience demographic: and keep them engaged - how?

3.1. who? A level media studies students

3.2. any previous knowledge required? A level learning

3.3. How will they find it?

3.3.1. teacher? email to teacher for test case

3.3.2. learning repository

4. platform needs to be accessible to all but usable by me - limited technological capability

4.1. Xerte - user friendly to limted tech knowledge

5. research : what other resources, slideshare, flickr, vimeo, TED - check copyright

6. aims and objectives

6.1. cognitive: offer information

6.2. application: apply to topics

6.3. analysis: why relevant/important?

7. feedback and evaluation? email to students, include email address, ASK for feedback in the OER - find a repository... tag it!