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Operating System by Mind Map: Operating System
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Operating System


supervises the overall operation of a computer, including such tasks as monitoring the computer's status, handling executable program interruptions, and scheduling of operations.

What % use Windows

Pros: Install is quick, easy and painless.After working through a few wizard screens at the beginning, the install is automatic

Cons: None really

Focus on Windows 7

Cell phone Operating Systems

System that i have is a Blackberry OS

Blackberry OS





Linux: Open Source, Free

Pros: Browsing internet, graphics, spread sheet, multimedia and everything works perfectly in it.

Cons: you have to learn about computers and the os to install and maintain it correctly.

Apple, OSX, Leopard

Pros: Because Mac OS X is based on Open Source foundations, the global open source community is quick to add to the resources, so bugs are fixed quickly, vulnerabilities are addressed quickly, and the user base that has access to the code to make corrections is larger than Apple alone.

Cons: There is more commercially-written software available for Windows than Mac OS, but this gap is shrinking.

Next phone?


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