Operating System

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Operating System by Mind Map: Operating System

1. Definitions:

1.1. Operating System: software that controls the execution of computer programs and may provide various services

2. Cell Phone Operating Systems

2.1. Which one do you have?

2.1.1. Brew Operating System

2.2. Which are the major Smartphone Operating systems?

2.2.1. iPhone Apple

2.2.2. Blackberry Blackberry OS

3. Computer operating system

3.1. Computer operating system

3.2. Mouse

3.3. Hard Drive

3.4. Sound Card

3.4.1. Speakers

3.5. Video Card

3.5.1. Video Card

4. What % use Windows?

4.1. 90% of people use Windows.

5. Both Windows and Linux have their pros and cons.

5.1. Windows

5.1.1. Con's: * Some distributions require some knowledge of how Linux works to get the most out of that distribution. * Not many companies make programs for Linux. * It's a pain in the *bottom* to try to get Linux to run on a system with another OS already installed.

5.1.2. Pros: * Almost every game runs on it * Tons of programs run on it * More Cusomization on the computers is possible

5.2. Linux

5.2.1. Pro's: * Most distributions are free (Open-source). * Good for servers. * Some distributions have good user support. * Some distributions allow you to test before installing (LiveCD).

5.2.2. Cons: * SPYWARE, VIRUSES, ADWARE GALLORE! * Not as "nice" looking * Error message after error message