Reading 5-3: How to Build Collaborative Advantage

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Reading 5-3: How to Build Collaborative Advantage by Mind Map: Reading 5-3: How to Build Collaborative Advantage

1. Collaboration Framework

1.1. Value Creation from Interunit Collaboration

1.1.1. Cost savings

1.1.2. Better decision making

1.1.3. Increased revenue

1.1.4. Innovation

1.1.5. Enhanced capacity for collective action that involves dispersed units

1.2. Four Barriers to Interunit Collaboration

1.2.1. Unwillingness Unwillingness to Seek Input and Learn from Others Senior Managers can intervene Recuit people who have a natural willingness to ask for help "Not invented here" Unwillingness to Help "Hoarding of Knowledge"

1.2.2. Inability Inability to Seek and Find Expertise Have Databases and search engines Transparent benchmarking systems "Needle in the haystack" Inability to Work together and Transfer Knowledge Establish relationships between employees of different subsidiaries "Stranger" problem

2. Management Levers to Promote Collaboration

2.1. Leadership, Values and Goals

2.2. Human Resources procedures

2.3. Lateral cross-unit mechanisms

3. Potential Downsides of Collaboration

3.1. Collaborating for the sake of collaboration