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Millionaire Fastlane by Mind Map: Millionaire Fastlane
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Millionaire Fastlane

Big ideas

Process over events

Being frugal with time, not money

Law of effect

Timing is never perfect.

Execution is king and ideas are pawns

Focus on one thing

8. Your speed - accelerate wealth

The speed of success

It's not about the business plan it's about execution

pedestrians will make you rich

Throw hijackers to the curb

Be someone savior

Build brand not businesses

Choose monogamy over polygamy

7. The roads to wealth

Right road routes to wealth






Rapid wealth

Find your OpenROAD

Give your road a destination

6. Your vehicle to wealth : you

Do you really own yourself

Life steering wheel

Wipe your windshield clean

Deodorize headwinds

Your primordial fuel -time

Change that dirty, stale oil

Hit the redline

5. Wealth - fast lane

The fast lane

The playbook for wealth

How the rich really get rich

Divorce wealth from time

Recruit your army

The real law of wealth

4. Mediocrity- the slow lane

The slow lane

Your job

Why you aren't rich

On education

Game of hope

3. Poorness- the sidewalk

The sidewalk roadmap

Has your wealth been toxified

Misuse money and money will misuse you



1. Get rich slow is get rich old

MJ's story

The great deception

2. Wealth is not a road but a road trip

The road trip to wealth

The roadmaps to wealth