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A career in software by Mind Map: A career in software
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A career in software

Junior BA

Mid level BA

Project Manager, Senior Manager, IT Director

Penetration/Security Tester



Journeyman, Master

A new movement has begun in the development industry known as the "software craftsmanship". It was set up to create awareness for the problems that exist within the industry

Though the ultimate goal is to create software the craftsman movement uses different job titles to distinguish themselves

For more information visit:



User Groups

How to find them

Skills Matter





The Java Posse

Software Engineering Radio

Stack Overflow

associated with one of the communities below

Technical Community

Professional Bodies

BCS, Website and Mailing List etc., Journals and Publications, Members Events, Specialist Groups




Career/Role Specific Sites/Communities, Programming / Development, Testing, Architecture

Blogs and RSS Feeds,

Technology Specific Sites/communities, The Server Side, InfoQ

Domain Specific Sites/Communities

General Computing/IT Sites/Communities, Learning, DZone, Link sharing site, Includes many technology specific sites, Java Lobby, Good resource for whats going on in the industry,, Recorded talks from several conferences, Problem Solving / Q&A, Stack Overflow

Social Networking, LinkedIn, Groups, Twitter, Facebook

Does anyone know anymore?

Programming Language Specific Sites/Communities, JavaRanch

email mailing lists

What I am hoping to create is a tree diagram instead of a mindmap but this seems the best place to start. I am basically hoping to understand the different routes available to people within software. This is to help Grads and people coming in to the industry to firstly gain an understand of the options currently available to them, and secondly to gain an idea where those options may lead. I hope to eventually use this map or a similar one to be a starting point to much more information on each discipline


What to do from here

Add branches to the tree

What is this

A career in software


College, University, Programming, Junior Developer, Senior Developer, Architect, Contract Developer, Contract Architect, Team Leader, Architect, Development Manager, IT Manager, IT Director, CTO, Project Manager, Development Support, Support Developer (3rd line), Software Configuration Manager, Systems Integrator, Systems Administrator, What is the route to progression from these roles?, Options, Application Development, Front End, Developer, Web based, Usability, Designer, UI design, Web Master, Technical Author, Server Side, Business Logic, Mathematical, Mobile, Embedded Software Development, What is the career route here?, Testing, Junior QA, Automated tester, Senior Automated Tester, Lead Automation Tester, Test Architect/Consultant, Manual tester, Senior Manual Tester, Test Manager, Business + Technical, Junior Technical analyst, What is the career route here?, Supporting software, Helpdesk support (1st line), Desktop support (2nd line), R&D, University, Ph.D. Candidate, Postdoc/Research Assistant, Lecturer A, Lecturer B, Senior Lecturer/Reader, Full Professor, Companies, What is the career route here?, Consultant

Types of companies

Product/Solution companies

Product is most important thing

Work will involve developing a product for the company to sell

Time to market is key

Marketing is mandatory

Non-IT Companies

e.g. Where the core business is not technology but needs technology to survive

e.g., Financial, Media, Travel

Work will involve developing systems to improve the companies core business


Will work on different projects and industries

If there are no projects you are put "on the bench"

Generally have high levels of expectation

Money is high

Can involve lots of travel and working in various locations

Level of commitment to high quality solutions is a make or break

Good reputation is mandatory

Small Business

Do bits of lots of jobs. Not all IT-related

Need to get on *very* well with colleagues

One-Person or Self Employued

Responsible for everything from strategy to toilets

Often sell services such as consulting

Money sometimes good, sometimes non-existent. Can be tricky to ensure continuity of income

If you are ill you don't earn

May want to grow into a larger business

Understanding the industry

Open Source Software

Open Source Central

Source forge


What Is Open Source Software, Open source software (OSS) is computer software for which the source code and certain other rights normally reserved for copyright holders are provided under a software license that meets the Open Source Definition or that is in the public domain., Projects created where there is not a perfect solution, Economic Model, Some projects are run as part time projects, people work in their spare time on them, Many companies support their developers to work on OSS projects that will be beneficial to their company, Politics, Licenses


Software Craftsmanship Movement

Agile Development Movement