World Kindness Day 13 November 2013

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World Kindness Day 13 November 2013 by Mind Map: World Kindness Day 13 November 2013

1. Kindness ideas

1.1. Help the Philippines

1.2. Spend time with a lonely relative

1.3. Read to the elderly

1.4. Donate

1.4.1. Donate old books to a library

1.4.2. Donate clothes to charity collection

1.4.3. Give care packages to the homeless

1.5. Visit an animal shelter

1.6. Be kind to someone you dislike

1.7. More Ideas

2. "No matter where you are, today is your day to change the world with one simple act of kindness."

3. Get inspired

3.1. Videos

3.1.1. NYPD officer buys boots for homeless man

3.1.2. Runner stops race to help competitor cross finish line

3.1.3. Elderly Japanese Volunteer for Nuclear Cleanup "Suicide Corps"

3.1.4. An act of kindness in a Target store

3.2. More

3.2.1. Disney World Security Guard Asks Little Princess For Her Autograph

3.2.2. Man scattering grandmother's ashes jumps off pier to rescue drowning dog

3.2.3. Pending coffee

4. "The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention."