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Wuthering Heights - Ch 2 by Mind Map: Wuthering Heights - Ch 2
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Wuthering Heights - Ch 2


Mr Lookwood (tenant at Thrushvross Grange)



Mrs Heathcliff (daughter-in-law)

She is slender and young woman. She has golden curls and she has irresitible eyes but its expression is not pleasant. She are studying black art.  

Mr Hareton Earnshaw

Mr Heathcliff






Main events



Mr Lockwood went out from the Trushcross Grange in  a misty and cold afternoon. He walked up to Healtcliff's house. Although he knocked aloud no one answered. Then Joseph, and old man with sour expression, told to him that the master was in the fields and the mistress wouldn't  have ever opened to him. Meanwhile it's snowing more thickly. An young man appeared to him and he guided him to the sitting room passing across by a back door. In the sitting room there was Mrs Heathcliff. She was a very young woman. Her eyes was irresistible but their expression was of the scorn and  of the desperation. She was colder than Healthcliff's. In the sitting room there was Heraton Earnshaw. He was an young man with messy thick hair, he wasn't unshaven. He seemed a common labourer  but there was something proud and free about him. When Mr Heathcliff came in, Mr Lockwood was relieved but briefly he was aware that Heathcliff wasn't a fine fellow. He was forty years old. He looks like a dark-skinned gypsy.  The conversation was awful. At the beginning he did a mistake about Heathcliff's wife and then he repeated  the same mistake with Mr Earnshaw. The dismal atmosphere became unbearable and he decided to go out trying to come back home. Outside it was dark, windy and snowy. But in the yard, two hair monsters threw Mr Lockwood to the ground. His nose began to bleed. Zillah went out to help him. She cleaned the blood and she brought him in for to pass the night in the Heathcliff's house.