Wuthering Heights - Ch 2

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Wuthering Heights - Ch 2 by Mind Map: Wuthering Heights - Ch 2

1. characthers

1.1. Mr Lookwood (tenant at Thrushvross Grange)

1.2. mistress

1.3. Joseph

1.4. Mrs Heathcliff (daughter-in-law)

1.5. Mr Hareton Earnshaw

1.6. Mr Heathcliff

1.7. Zillah

2. setting

2.1. location

2.1.1. Wuthering heights

2.1.2. It's the name of Heathcliff's house

2.1.3. The house is on the top of an windy hill

2.1.4. sitting room

2.1.5. yard

2.2. adjectives

2.2.1. feathery snowflakes

2.2.2. sour expression (Joseph)

2.2.3. huge,warm,cheerful sitting room

2.2.4. immense fire

2.2.5. rough weather

2.2.6. feeling "very uncunfortable"

2.2.7. slender and very young woman

2.2.8. expression is scorn and desperation

2.2.9. Thick brown hair is messy. he has unshaven, sometime proud and free

2.2.10. shabby young man(Earnshaw)

2.2.11. outside: dark, wind is full of swirling snow

2.2.12. dismal atmosphere

3. events

3.1. Main events

3.1.1. Mr Lookeood leaves Thrushcross Grange in the afternoon

3.1.2. He arrives to the Heathcliff's house

3.1.3. He knots at the Heathcliff's door and he begins to know the impolite of the Heathcliff

3.1.4. it's snowing

3.1.5. He meets her in the sitting room

3.1.6. he meets Heraton Earnshaw

3.1.7. They have a tea in the sitting room (Mr and Mrs Heathcliff, Earnshow and Lockwood)

3.1.8. The conversation is very impolite

3.1.9. Mr Lookwood would leave the house but outside there is dark and it's windy and snowy

3.1.10. Mr lockwood goes outside in the yard

3.1.11. Two hairy monster knocked Mr Lockwood

3.1.12. his nose is bleeding

3.1.13. Zillah helps him

3.1.14. Mr Heathcliff tells Zillah to prepare a bed for mr L

3.2. verbs

3.2.1. set out and walk

3.2.2. knocked aloud

3.2.3. shouted back

3.2.4. beckoned

3.2.5. bowed and waited

3.2.6. feeding the dogs

3.3. plot