Paris Is Burning Essay

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Paris Is Burning Essay by Mind Map: Paris Is Burning Essay

1. The 80's

1.1. A.I.D.S

1.1.1. Rise of fear of the disease

1.1.2. Prostitution-Drag queens

1.1.3. Rise of ignorance toward gay/trans sex

1.2. White Upper Class

1.3. Black/other lower class

1.4. New York City

1.5. Danger for non-white/gay African americans in city

2. Balls

2.1. Vogueing

2.1.1. More intense version of throwing shade-

2.2. Realness

2.2.1. "Realness" behind ball performance- be able to model/walk home without being recognized as a man/ trans.

2.3. Shade

2.4. Drag

2.5. Gay Black men

2.6. House Mothers

2.6.1. Community, security, family, leadership

3. Identity

3.1. Race

3.1.1. Race- Blacks attempting to adapt to White world- struggling to be content with themselves in their own skin.

3.2. Class

3.2.1. Social status and it's impact on one's appreciation of themselves and their

3.3. Sexual Orientation- Gay, Trans, etc

3.3.1. Sex changes vs not

3.4. Self Perception

3.4.1. How one sees themselves- How one wants to see themselves. Hopes, dreams, believes.

3.5. Social Perception

3.5.1. How the outer world views you- How your race, gender, personality is viewed by the outside world.

3.6. Confusion about Self