Sales Process

Provides an overview of the sales process, and which actions need to take place

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Sales Process by Mind Map: Sales Process

1. Nuances

1.1. Seller Sounds READY!

1.1.1. Sounds Highly Motivated Price Situation Really Solid Area

1.1.2. Set Up Appointment Immediately

1.2. When Starting Out

1.2.1. Go see as many properties as you can Invaluable Experience

1.2.2. Get in the Habit of presenting yourself as an investor

2. Inbound Funnel

2.1. Live Call/Vmail

2.1.1. 1st Contact

2.1.2. Extract Info / Gauge Motivation

2.1.3. Prep For Next Contact

2.2. CRM

2.2.1. Enter Details of Call

2.2.2. Make this a habit

2.2.3. Think of Yourself as a business

2.3. Valuation

2.3.1. What is the Property Worth?

2.3.2. Secret to Understanding the market place

2.3.3. MLS!!

2.4. Set Appointment / Ball Park Offer

2.4.1. 2nd Contact

2.4.2. Prep them to do business

2.4.3. Ball Park Offer: Filters Motivation Gives seller a range of what you could offer Saves you from running out to see every property

2.5. Live Walkthrough / On Spot Offer

2.5.1. Inspect Property

2.5.2. Build with Seller

2.5.3. Present Offer / Negotiate

2.6. Advance / Continuation

2.6.1. Contract on Property

2.6.2. Offer Rejected? Follow Up Bucket Refer Out

3. Conversion Tactics

3.1. Things To Improve

3.1.1. Phone Presentation SOUND like you do this for a living!

3.1.2. Offer Presentation Why should they take your discounted offer?

3.1.3. Understanding of Marketplace Seperates rookies from Pros