Current Library Research Technology Map

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Current Library Research Technology Map by Mind Map: Current Library Research Technology Map

1. Senior Extended Essay- 12 Grade

1.1. Demographics

1.1.1. Graduation Requirement

1.1.2. Year-long self-directed research

1.1.3. English teacher, Content Advisor, Librarian

1.1.4. 4 Stages- 1 complete per quarter

1.2. Skills

1.2.1. Library Orientation Access to electronic source subscriptions Support for Independent reading programs

1.2.2. Research Topic Selection Information seeking strategies Locate and Access Use the Information Synthesize information Evaluate and Reflect

1.2.3. Technology Use internet for exploratory research Understand search engines, search tools Use appropriate tools to categorize and organize information display knowledge and understanding in ways that others can view, use, and assess.

2. Elementary Library Research Technology Modules- 3rd, 4th, 5th grades

2.1. Demographics

2.1.1. 9 Scheduled research modules throughout the year

2.1.2. 6 day spand 3 days in class room with teacher 3 days in computer lab co-teaching with tech teacher

2.1.3. Librarian, classroom teacher, tech teacher

2.2. Skills

2.2.1. Library Finding books Lexile levels Destiny quest searches

2.2.2. Research Task definition-Topic Questioning techniques Teacher guided Controlled choices Information Seeking Strategies Locate and Access Use the information Trash and Treasure note taking strategy Synthesize information Evaluate and Reflect

2.2.3. Technology Use navigation tools identify icons, shortcuts, exits, windows to find information Locate, store and retrieve all file types Evaluate features of a digital tool/ medium and make choice based on a specific tasks Organizational tools Productivity tools Collaborative tools Creative tools Able to use collaborative technologies for learning purposes

3. Middle School (recommendations for improvement)

3.1. Problem-based learning

3.1.1. Demographics started in 2008-2009 1 scientist teacher, 1 social studies teacher

3.1.2. Skills process

4. Carol Morgan School

4.1. Demographics

5. 21st Century Skills

5.1. Rational and Support

5.2. Definition

5.2.1. Content Knowledge

5.2.2. Information Literacy

5.2.3. Technological Knowledge