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Next Web major themes by Mind Map: Next Web major themes
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Next Web major themes

Structured information

'Fueling the Web of the future'

Alexander Iskold, Phases, HTML, Can't be remixed, Closed and proprietary (information silos), Structured Web, key drivers, The Rise of API's, Top-Down Semantic Applications, Classic Semantic Technologies and Microformats, RSS As A Delivery Mechanism, Semantic Web, Classic Approach, entities / attributes and hierarchical relationships (ontologies), W3C: RDF/OWL, [difficulties with] the classic approach, Tim Berners-Lee, Top-Down Approach, What do we want it to do?, Spend less time searching, Spend less time looking at things that do not matter, Spend less time explaining what we want to computers


semantic apps

Christine Karman

Web 3.0 definition, builds on AI and agent technology, opportunities for the Netherlands

Nova Spivack / Radar Networks, Semantic Web definition, RDF

Semantic Web, Michael Lynch / Autonomy

Ambient computing

Tim O'Reilly

Today's Web 3.0 Nonsense Blogstorm

Web 3.0, microblogging, Jaiku, RSS feeds, Twitter, Norwich Union's "Pay as you drive" insurance, Mint, Wesabe

Michael Mace

Mobile Opportunity, Web 2.0 not suited for mobile devices, RIM

the breaking of the keyboard/screen paradigm

Modular applications

Facebook Platform

BandTracker,, YouTube


Friend Stats

iRead, Amazon wishlist

Eric Schmidt

Web 2.0 is a marketing term a different way of building applications (AJAX)

applications that are pieced together, relatively small, the data are in the cloud, can run on any device, very fast, very customizable, distributed virally

Service Design

Service design is the specification and construction of technologically networked social practices that deliver valuable capacities for action to a particular customer. (wikipedia)