Next Web major themes

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Next Web major themes by Mind Map: Next Web major themes

1. Structured information

1.1. 'Fueling the Web of the future'

1.1.1. Alexander Iskold Phases HTML Structured Web Semantic Web

1.2. examples



1.2.3. semantic apps

1.3. Christine Karman

1.3.1. Web 3.0 definition builds on AI and agent technology opportunities for the Netherlands

1.3.2. Nova Spivack / Radar Networks Semantic Web definition RDF

1.3.3. Semantic Web Michael Lynch / Autonomy

2. Ambient computing

2.1. Tim O'Reilly

2.1.1. Today's Web 3.0 Nonsense Blogstorm

2.1.2. Web 3.0 microblogging Jaiku Twitter Norwich Union's "Pay as you drive" insurance Mint Wesabe

2.2. Michael Mace

2.2.1. Mobile Opportunity Web 2.0 not suited for mobile devices RIM

2.3. the breaking of the keyboard/screen paradigm

3. Modular applications

3.1. Facebook Platform

3.1.1. BandTracker YouTube

3.1.2. virals

3.1.3. Friend Stats

3.1.4. iRead Amazon wishlist

3.2. Eric Schmidt

3.2.1. Web 2.0 is a marketing term a different way of building applications (AJAX)

3.2.2. applications that are pieced together relatively small the data are in the cloud can run on any device very fast very customizable distributed virally

4. Service Design