Language study words

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Language study words by Mind Map: Language study words

1. Experiment- A scientific procedure to make a discovery

2. Evaporation- When you boil water it will turn into vapour.

3. Energy- The strength needed for activities.

4. Condensation- The conversion of vapour gas into liquid when the colder gas comes in contact with a warmer surface.

5. Chemical- Something that is posionus.

6. Heterogeneous- A mixture that can easily be taken apart.

7. Homogeneous- A group of things that are all the same or highly similar.

8. Soluble- Something that is able to dissolve, especially in water.

9. Oxygen- The gas that we need to survive.

10. Reversible- When you do something to a material you can change your answer back to it's original state of matter.

11. Liquid- A runny substance normally known as water or H2o.

12. Particles- A tiny substance inside something we use and it is made of atoms.

13. Proteins- Food that has amino acids, a structural and functional roles in organisms and constituting an important part of the diet.

14. Temperature- The degree or intensity of heat.

15. Physical- Relating to the body as opposed to the mind.