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Operating Systems by Mind Map: Operating Systems
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Operating Systems

Pros:A new and improved Automator, with easy starting points to easily start a workflow. It also can quickly create or edit workflows with new interface improvements

Definition:An operating system (OS) is an interface between hardware and user which is responsible for the management and coordination of activities and the sharing of the resources of a computer that acts as a host for computing applications run on the machine.

What %use windows

CONS: It’s all over but the process of hunting down bugs, many of them associated with OEM hardware and drivers

Focus on windows 7: Although it builds on elements that debuted in Windows Vista, it fixes many usability sins and adds consistency

Cell Phone operating System

Which are the major Smartphone operating system

Verizon Wireless Nokia · LG · Motorola · Sony Ericsson · Samsung · Palm · Blackberry · HTC · iPhone Service Provider Forums · AT&T · Verizon · T-Mobile · Sprint PCS

Apple, Osx, Leopard

CONS: aesthetics--that led so many users over the past few years to jump the PC ship for a MacBook. In that case, the ads become a sort of preemptive attack, the opening bell of what Apple may regard as a title fight.

Linux: OPen Source, Free

PROS: :These contributions provide flexibility and confidence for a growing number of companies as they deploy Open Source software

CONS: Through a very broad base of Open Source projects, Intel contributes directly and indirectly to the performance, stability, and efficiency of Linux for servers, desktops, and mobile systems. Following are a few of the most influential efforts: