Description of an artwork

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Description of an artwork by Mind Map: Description of an artwork

1. Period

1.1. -Gothic -Renaissance -Baroque -(Neo)classic -Romantic -Realistic -Impressionistic -Expressionistic -Cubist

2. Shapes

2.1. -Circle -cube -cone -cylinder -diamond -hexagon -pentagon -rectangle -pyramid -sphere -rectangular prism -triangle -square -oval

3. Style

3.1. -flat (carente de profundidad) -different depth planes (diferentes planos de profundidad) -foreground (primer plano) -middle ground -background -overlapping (solapamiento) -foreshortening (escorzo) -linear perspective -aerial perspective -vanishing point (punto de fuga) -horizon line -blurred edges (contornos borrosos) -dull colors (colores apagados) -parallel lines -to converge (converger)

4. Adjetives

4.1. Coarse – smooth ASPERO - LISO wide-narrow ANCHO - ESTRECHO pure- mixed PURO - MEZCLADO high-low ALTO - BAJO thick-thin ANCHO - DELGADO balanced-imbalanced EQUILIBRADO - DESEQUILIBRADO crosswise – lengthwise TRANSVERSAL- LONGITUDINAL convergent – divergent CONVERGENTE-DIVERGENTE heavy – light INTENSO- “FLOJO” static – dynamic ESTATICO - DINAMICO symmetrical – assymetrical SIMETRICO- ASIMETRICO opaque – transparent OPACO- TRANSPARENTE harmonious – disharmonious ARMONIOSO- DISONANTE simple – complex SIMPLE- COMPLEJO diminishing – augmenting DECRECIENTE - CRECIENTE bright – dim RADIANTE - TENUE empty – filled/full VACIO LLENO

4.2. Alluring sleek smart successful brilliant impressive expressive witty subtle beautiful tasteful suggestive sophisticated interesting skilful seductive clever Attractive moving elegant

4.3. Gradable

4.4. Non-gradables

4.4.1. Wonderful perfect Superb amazing breathtaking masterful magnificent excellent awesome fascinating marvelous fantastic unique majestic fabulous flawless

5. Brushstrokes

5.1. continuous long short harsh rough smooth subtle rugged uneven choppy

6. Colours

6.1. Blood-red blue-black bottle-green dove-grey electric-blue flesh-coloured ice-blue iron-grey jet-black lime-green nut-brown off-white pea-green pearl-grey royal-blue shocking-pink sky-blue snow-white