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Security & the salesforce platform by Mind Map: Security & the salesforce platform
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Security & the salesforce platform

human factor

security is as strong as the weakest link



larger visibility & event notifications


anomaly detection, trace sequence of events that indicate something potentially being a security breach

transaction security, consumes the stream of logged events & applies policies on it, built directly into the platform

new API providing access to forensics data, clickstream, report export, API, login

access control

very granular

2-factor auth

on by default

see stoy of Matt from Wired who got seriously hacked & could have prevented it had he had 2fa in his google account

you can control for which resource you always need to secure the session using 2fa

view & manage activated devices



centralized access mgmt & provisioning

security & the salesforce platform

secure by default

security services

underlying any app in the platform

see list in the secutity settings page

data encryption & protection

how can you trust developers working under pressure to do everything right, irt the many existing security vulnerabilities

register to platform keynote

wed 2pm


threats are lurking

controls set in place

repeat until complacement sets in


eric leach, sr dir pm platform security

"security is like the weather"

you don't think about it until something goes wrong

security follows similar patterns

even if you see it in advance you still get caught

because, organizational inertia, the human factor