TEDxAmsterdam 2013 Colouring Music with the Music Animation Machine

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TEDxAmsterdam 2013 Colouring Music with the Music Animation Machine by Mind Map: TEDxAmsterdam 2013 Colouring Music with the Music Animation Machine

1. whats happening here

1.1. it leads your attention to the center of the screen

1.2. integrates the dimension of time

1.2.1. anticipaton

1.2.2. memory

1.2.3. present moment

1.3. makes you easily recognize patters

1.3.1. even when not familiar with musical language

1.3.2. without thinking that much

2. result

2.1. bringing heart and mind tgeother

2.2. connect with the music in a more engaged way

2.3. feel it more intensly and precisely

3. Navigation

3.1. Back to overview map

4. About

4.1. ... this map

4.1.1. Use the + and - buttons to expand/ collapse topics

4.1.2. Hover over the notes icon to read attached notes

4.1.3. Look our for link icons like this one get more information

4.2. ...the author

4.2.1. Etienne Abelin

4.3. ...this talk

4.3.1. Watch this talk on YouTube

4.3.2. Themes Classical Music Data Visualization

4.3.3. Related talks

4.3.4. Reactions Etienne Abelin opens #tedxams with a mind blowing music animation machine which is blowing minds in #concertgebouw Love the Music Animation Machine @TEDxAms Like Wii 'Just Dance' for Classical

5. How people feel about classical music now

5.1. imagine

5.1.1. late at night driving in your car

5.1.2. to a destionation you've never been too

5.1.3. you're tired and cold

5.1.4. no idea how to get to the place of town you need to get to

5.1.5. you yearn for orientaton

5.2. this is how people feel about classical music now

5.2.1. declining and aging adience

5.2.2. avg age 56-70 years old

5.3. reasons

5.3.1. younger people feel distant to the heroic situations of classical music

5.3.2. sitting uncofmrtable for hours without a visual treat

5.3.3. feeling lost in the outskirts of big peice of music hard to grasp so many languagues in music need to find orientation

5.4. how to find the gems

5.4.1. that take your breath away

6. in 2013

6.1. pull out your cellphone to find your way

6.1.1. phone filters out a lot of information

6.1.2. the gps comes to pick us up

6.2. in music, the score is the map

6.2.1. contains tons of information for artists and experts

6.2.2. we would like an artistic GPS

7. "the GPS for music"

7.1. the music animation machine

7.1.1. http://www.musanim.com/

7.1.2. ""Music Worth Watching""

7.2. inventor

7.2.1. Stephen Malinowski see his talk at TEDxZurich

7.2.2. software engineer

7.2.3. pianist

7.2.4. composer

7.3. how it works

7.3.1. in 3D!

7.3.2. for example sonata for keyboard from Johan Sebastian Bach using MAM beginning of the first arabesk by claude debussy as a score as MAM visual

7.3.3. syncing the visuals using a human device music needs to breathe old VW window crank

8. only the beginning?

8.1. we're living on a creative goldmine

8.2. how about...

8.2.1. condutor visualzing a piece

8.2.2. integraton with Google Glass

8.3. enjoying creativity and vision of extraordinary and fellow humans is in reach of a new generation

8.3.1. hear..

8.3.2. see..

8.3.3. feel..

8.3.4. music

8.3.5. all at the same time