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Brainstorming by Mind Map: Brainstorming

1. The students will...

1.1. use all steps of planning process

1.2. create and design a video

1.3. evaluate their own work through editing

1.4. learn to work with new technologies and demonstrate understanding

1.5. use the 7 steps of digital storytelling

1.6. present their final prouduct

2. Rules

2.1. Must be based on personal experience, story, or tell how you learned a lesson.

2.2. Should include graphics or a compiliation of video clips

2.3. should be 2-5 minutes in length

2.4. should be relevant to a high school audience

3. Goals

3.1. Create a video using new technology.

3.2. Use digital media to present information.

3.3. Show understanding and application of unit goals.

4. Plan

4.1. Story

4.1.1. Chose a personal experience should present something you learned should be relative to high school may be either a positive or negative experience

4.2. Brainstorm

4.2.1. brainstorm at leas 3 ideas use a graphic organizer

4.3. Prioritize Ideas

4.3.1. choose best idea begin script outline What are the important points? What information can be left out? What should the audience infer from the story?

4.4. Gather Information

4.4.1. Videos Will you take your own videos or use ones you have already made?

4.4.2. Graphics Use personal photos collect graphics and images from other sources

4.4.3. Music what kind of music helps to depict your story? Artists Genre lyrics

5. Objectives

6. Standards

6.1. Content

6.1.1. writing planning grammar and mechanics write narratives use technology for sharing

6.1.2. language correct structure and accuracy read, write, speak, listen

6.1.3. speak and listen presentation of information use of digital media

6.2. Technology

6.2.1. creation and innovation application of knowledge creation of work

6.2.2. communication and collaboration communicate to audience

6.2.3. Research and Information gathering and synthesizing

6.2.4. digital citizenship

6.2.5. Operations and Concepts use of applications understanding troubleshooting transfer of knowledge

7. Assessment

7.1. Execution of Technolgoy

7.2. Understanding of Objectives

7.3. Presentation

8. Develop Video

8.1. Design

8.1.1. Gather photos or video clips to use. personal photos/videos internet sources

8.1.2. Choose a media for creating video Windows Movie Maker iMovie

8.1.3. Choose Music Decide on a song which suits the story

8.1.4. Voice/Words Incorporate Script Record voice to tell story use words along with sound to tell story Use a combination of videos, recordings, or words to tell the story.

8.2. layout

8.2.1. create transitions

8.2.2. flow of video sequence