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Entrepreneurial DNA by Mind Map: Entrepreneurial DNA
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Entrepreneurial DNA

Judge your own judgement

You manage what you measure

Ship early & often

if you ship in 2 years, something's wrong

Don't hire people like you

Create a sense of urgency

50 coffee mings

Talk to other entrepreneurs who just did X to get the best knowledge


CTO high on technology scale & low on process orientation

VP R&D the opposite

Hire people who punch above their weight class

who still want to prove themselves & grateful for the opportunity

Assume everything will go wrong, & very soon all fundings will just stop

When interests investors is the team


Raise funding for 18month

Angels need social proof

Meet investors early

they need to see pattern thru time

Hire your co-founder

so you can fire him when it doesn't work

vesting is mandatory

Startups are a grind


partner Upfront Ventures

70 videos

sold 2 companies, 2nd one to SFDC

ex VP Product with SFDC

slides will be in SlideShare