Best practices of using chatter

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Best practices of using chatter by Mind Map: Best practices of using chatter

1. G ADventures

1.1. 1500 employees dispersed over 100 countries

1.2. before chatter

1.2.1. Hampered organizational memory

1.2.2. Email used as task queue

1.2.3. silo'd company (canada vs rest)

1.3. after chatter

1.3.1. 3 months roll out

1.3.2. testers became regional champions

1.3.3. no training because ppl know social networks posting

1.3.4. branded internally & used outside SFDC

1.4. success stories

1.4.1. someone posts urgent problem, & in 20min someone helps

1.4.2. grass roots initiatives immediately catch on

1.4.3. polls

1.4.4. sharing pictures

1.4.5. facilitate on-boarding & training

2. keep track of all of the chatter messages

2.1. email notifications

2.1.1. optionally as digest

2.1.2. configurable frequency

3. SFDC shifted most of their corporate communications to chatter

3.1. all-hands notifications/polls &c

3.2. Employee Success (=HR)

3.2.1. questions to the CEO

3.3. questions to everyone

3.3.1. e.g., on travel

3.4. airing of grievances

3.4.1. started by R&D

3.4.2. promoted to company wide group

3.4.3. monitored by CEO & leadership, so changed to be all around problem solving

4. about

4.1. chatter usage in SFDC & G Adventures

4.2. Brenda Karr, Customer Success, SFDC

4.3. John Salama, VP software eng, G Adventures

4.3.1. @jjsalama