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Motorola Droid by Mind Map: Motorola Droid
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Motorola Droid

What I use

Music via iPod touch

Gmail via Curve

Phone to make calls

Quite a few text messages

Instapaper for much of my Internet reading

Remote via iPod touch

Twitter via UltraTwitter

Camera via Curve for Momentile

Sadly broken Google Maps via Curve

Kindle app for books, switching to B&N app

Amazon app for Curve

What I want

One device, because I have only one pocket

Good phone support

Better twitter and gmail clients

Better maps with an un-crippled GPS

At least 16GB for music, 32 GB would be better

Something like InstaPaper

A platform that actually has apps

Fast internet and a reasonably good web browser

An app for reading books

A device that feels and looks good (yeah, I know)

A reasonably good MP3 player that can sort through 10s of GB of MP3s

What's awesome

Google apps support

The shade

The highly integrated search, including voice search

The very fast network

The real keyboard

The GPS and maps

The speed of the phone

The Mashup architecture

The hackabaility

Upgradable memory and a chargable battery

The amazon app with its "take a picture and I'll return a price."

That you can just drag MP3s on to the phone and listen to them

Mutlitasking, background sync and background GPS activity

Better cost basis for me

The way the "intents" system ends up working

The history manager/universal back button

What's servicable

Paperdroid and Read It later for Instapaper

Twidroid for Twitter

The browser

The media player

The battery life

The industrial design

The developer tools

What sucks

The number and quality of the apps

The camera and its hatred of focus

DoubleTwist and syncing music

The lack of momentum