The Slaughtervale -the sunken colonies

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The Slaughtervale -the sunken colonies by Mind Map: The Slaughtervale -the sunken colonies

1. settlements

2. History

2.1. enormous caverns underneath the ruins of the largest city within the vale

2.1.1. the city's identity and purpose has been lost

2.1.2. it seems that no one at all in the city survived.

2.1.3. it is rumored that the enormous city might have been the cause of the storm

2.2. the caverns have become a place of refuge from sojanni and drow enslavement

2.3. refugees have created their own societies and settltments

3. Settlements

3.1. there are many settlements underneath the ruined city.

3.1.1. rumoured to be hundreds

3.1.2. only twelve or so major settlements

3.2. Major settlements

3.2.1. Kaivu

3.2.2. Goratta