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Facebook Insights, tracking metrics for your local business by Mind Map: Facebook Insights, tracking
metrics for your local business
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Facebook Insights, tracking metrics for your local business

Where your Page Likes came from

Page Suggestions

Facebook offers relevant suggestions to Pages


On your Page

Posts by other People


How to access your Facebook Insights?

Visit and select your Facebook Page

Load up your Facebook Page and click on the Insights module on the admin panel

Facebook Insights?


Free Metrics Dashboard, Provides Page Administrators with visibility into how their posts and content are engaging fans, Metrics?, a measure of quantitative assessment, e.g., inches, miles, likes, comments, Some examples, Page metrics, e.g, Total Page Reach, the number of unique people who have seen any content associated with your Page during the last 7 days, including ads, Total Page Likes, number of unique people who like your Page, New Page Likes, number of New Likes your page received during the last 7 days, Net Page Likes, Likes - Unlikes, Post metrics, e.g, Paid Reach, number of unique people who saw your post through an ad, People Engaged, number of unique people who have clicked on, liked, commented on, or shared your post during the last 7 days, Page metrics are different from Post metrics, per-post reach will not add up to total reach because Pages can reach people through content other than posts, if someone visits a Page after searching for it, they would be counted in total reach but not post reach., if a person sees more than one Page post, they would be counted in the reach numbers for multiple Page posts but would only be counted once under total reach

Free Analytics, By analyzing data Facebook Administrators are better equiped, to modify their content, to meet the wants and expectations of their audience, to dramatically improve their relationships (through Facebook), with fans, with their business

A quick tour of the new Facebook Insights

Go to Admin Panel > See All

Complete redesign

Tabs, Overview, Page, Page Likes report, Mouseover graphic, More detail, Benchmark, Net Likes: what changed, Unlikes, Organic likes, Paid likes, Net likes, Post Reach (Organic / Paid), Organic, Paid, Benchmark, Likes, Comments and Shares, Likes, Comments, Shares, Hide, report as Spam, and Unlikes, Hide Post, More detail: dig into that day, Hide All Posts, Report as Spam, Unlike Page, Total reach, Organic, Paid, Page Visits, Visits per tab, Benchmark, Other Page Activity, Mentions, Posts by other people on your Page, Checkins, Offers purchased, External Referrers, the number of times people came to your Page from a website off of Facebook, Posts, All Posts, All Posts Published, Targeting, Reach, Organic / Paid, Fans / Non-Fans, Engagement, Post Clicks / Likes, Comments & Shares, Likes / Comments / Shares, Post Hides, Hides of All Posts, Reports of Spam, Unlike Pages, Engagement Rate, When your Fans are online, Times, Best Post Types, you have to take this report with a grain of salt, People, Your Fans, Geography & Language, People Reached, Geography & Language, People Engaged, Geography & Language, More in detail

Export Data

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