Julia Fosbenner

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Julia Fosbenner by Mind Map: Julia Fosbenner

1. Cabinets

1.1. tree

1.1.1. 35 years Reuse: Give The cabinets to someone else when you redo a room. They can use it for their basement or garage.

2. soap

2.1. sodium palm

2.1.1. one bar- 2 1/2 weeks Reduce: Don't take two showers a day, only one is needed.

3. hair dryer

3.1. metal,

3.1.1. 4 years Reduce: Towel dry hair better so you don't have to keep the hair dryer on so long. Plus it's really noisy.

4. belt

4.1. cow hide

4.1.1. 4 years Reuse:Whip my annoying brother (jk) design some great headband.

5. backpack

5.1. oil, polloester, spandex

5.1.1. 3 years Reuse: Use it for packing clothes for a sleepover or games for a family trip.

6. couch

6.1. tree, cow hide

6.1.1. 13 years Reuse:Give it to good will, some people can't afford expensive furniture.

7. lotion

7.1. water phase

7.1.1. one bottle-4 months Reuse: You can use this to store things in such as pencils or pens.

8. jewlery

8.1. gold, platinum, silver

8.1.1. 45 years Reuse: Pass it down in the family; hey maybe it will make millions in some antique show.

9. quilt

9.1. cotten and thread

9.1.1. 13 years Reuse: After it's been worn out and stained you can use it as a dog blanket.

10. gum

10.1. gum base

10.1.1. one pack- 2 weeks Reduce: Eat half pieces instead of whole pieces.

11. socks

11.1. cotten

11.1.1. 4 months Reuse: make it into a dog toy, they'll love it.

12. lip gloss

12.1. beeswax

12.1.1. one tube- 1 year Reduce: Don't glob up so much at once.

13. heater

13.1. metal and wire

13.1.1. 35 years Reduce: When it gets cold in the winter I won't crank the heat up in order to lower the energy rate.

14. paper towel

14.1. tree

14.1.1. one roll- 1 month Reuse: Use papertowel tubes for gerbil cages. They love eat them.

15. trombone

15.1. brass

15.1.1. 40 years Reuse:Sell it on ebay and make millions, It will go. Some guy is selling a chicken nugget that looks like Abraham Lincoln. Better chances with the trombone.

16. towel

16.1. cotten

16.1.1. 3 years Reuse: Use it to wipe your dog's feet after they roll in the mud or play in the rain.

17. cereal

17.1. oats and grains

17.1.1. one box- week and a half recycle the cardboard

18. locker

18.1. metal and oil

18.1.1. 30 years Reuse:You already reuse the locker when a new grade comes up.

19. tissues

19.1. tree

19.1.1. one box- 1 month Reuse:use the box for shoes (a bit painful but quite fashionble) Maybe a better way would be donate a box every month for your class! A full box of course.

20. q-tips

20.1. cotten

20.1.1. one box-2 months Reduce:Don't use so many at once. Use one a day.

21. books

21.1. tree

21.1.1. 6 years Reuse: Donate to a needy school or make an account at lion of around books, They give you a better book in exchange. Your choice too!

22. slippers

22.1. fax fur and oil

22.1.1. 3 years Reuse: Many people don't have shoes so donate to a clothes and shoes box.

23. hairbands

23.1. oil

23.1.1. 3 weeks (before i loose them) Reduce: Quite impossible... but take better care of them so I don't loose so many. Oh nevermind they all end up under my dresser.

24. binders

24.1. oil

24.1.1. 1 year Reuse:Take good care of them so you can use them for next year.

25. milk

25.1. cow

25.1.1. one galllon-one week Reuse/recycle: Recycle the gallon or use it for paint holders.

26. make up

26.1. minerals

26.1.1. 7 months Reuse: When your done with the container you can give it to a younger friend as "play makeup"