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1.1. As- Is

1.1.1. No cooperation platform for document exchange

1.2. To-Be

1.2.1. Product & Provider AFAS software Google Drive

1.2.2. Solution description File sharing but also organize documents

1.2.3. Business advantage You have acces to you workspace from everywhere Every document is always up to date Easy to collaborate with other countries, because they can choose the language

1.2.4. Pricing Google Drive: 750 Euro for 16TB for the whole company, worldwide AFAS software: fixed cost per user per month, depends on how many people will use the software


2.1. As- Is

2.1.1. The central applications are only available on the company Internet

2.1.2. Sales have no online view on the production proces

2.1.3. Customers complain about a lack of functionality

2.2. To- Be

2.2.1. Product & Provider LiveChat Application on the smartphone

2.2.2. Solution description LiveChat: Buyers receive a code on their bill, so they can log in to the LiveChat account. They can ask questions or support online App: It's an app that everybody can download, but you need the company password to log in. The sales can see the production process, but the app has also an overview from the different products, prices, services, important phone numbers,...

2.2.3. Business advantage LiveChat: clients don't need to come over for help or to call, which makes it for both easier and cheaper App: It is a one time cost to create the app, but afterwards it will be time sharing and customer friendly

2.2.4. Pricing LiveChat: 55 Euro per company devision per month, but you have no costs from transport instead App: the ICT people need to calculate the price. It will be a sole investment


3.1. As- Is

3.1.1. Sales and support engineers travel once a year for an intense sales and training event, but it is very expensive and not effective

3.2. To-Be

3.2.1. Product & Provider Teambulding training day once a year ISMM

3.2.2. Solution description The teambulding would be good for the team, they can help and support each other, but probably it is not enough so we can combine this with an extra training program ISMM is an online training program. After finishing the training the program keeps 'following' you. If there is an update in the program it warns you

3.2.3. Business advantage Teambuilding: they can learn from each others faults and it strengths the team ISMM: Online training so the employees can follow this whenever they want

3.2.4. Pricing ISMM: 790 Euro for the whole company during a year Teambuilding: you can choose the cost yourself


4.1. As- Is

4.1.1. Phone bills grow high

4.1.2. Unlike other companies, there is no local telco.

4.2. To-Be

4.2.1. Product & Provider Skype

4.2.2. Solution description Making phone calls over the Internet

4.2.3. Business advantage There is no communication cost and probably you get a faster answer

4.2.4. Pricing No phone costs because everything goes over the Internet, if you want to Skype to a phone number we might calculate an annual commutation ticket (unlimited for 5 Euro per user per month)