Web and comms support

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Web and comms support by Mind Map: Web and comms support

1. https://www.transitionnetwork.org/cms/social-reporters/

2. Homepage editing page (Rob works with this a lot) - panel page with blocks and context on RHS

2.1. https://www.transitionnetwork.org/admin/build/pages/nojs/operation/page-homepage/handlers/page_homepage_panel_context/content

3. Transition Culture

3.1. Wordpress on PARROT; Chris Croome responsible

4. IT Tools

4.1. Details in master budget sheet and password sheet

4.2. staff mailing list: mailman on UNITED

4.3. Newsletter: Mailchimp

4.4. Surveys: Surveymonkey

4.4.1. Online meeting software/webinar investigations underway, trialling atm

4.5. Emails and lists: UNITED

4.6. Domains: Gandi

4.7. Youtube and Vimeo

4.8. Grouptweet

5. Comms

5.1. Process

5.1.1. https://wiki.transitionnetwork.org/Communications

5.1.2. http://tinyurl.com/TN-newsletter

5.2. Tools

5.2.1. website

5.2.2. newsletter

5.2.3. rob's blog and subs

5.2.4. social media

5.2.5. staff list

5.2.6. tweetsheet

5.3. Measuremement

5.3.1. monthly web stats

5.4. Delivery group

5.4.1. Monthly meeting organise and notes and blog https://www.transitionnetwork.org/tags/commsdeliverygroup https://wiki.transitionnetwork.org/Communications#The_monthly_Comms_Delivery_Group_meetings blog the meet as per the others using tag 'commsdeliverygroup' NB: it's a public post! send blogged meeting notes to: social reporters list, Tom Henfry. Used to send to TFP (Charlotte and Alexis, but they asked me NOT to send them anymore - although this may change.

5.4.2. Themes December: STUFF January 2014: SCALING UP February 2014: RESOURCING YOUR TI

5.4.3. Support

5.5. Big picture

5.5.1. Everyone needs to stay patient - we are getting our comms act together

5.5.2. Moving from disparate to organised

5.5.3. Strategy work underway

5.5.4. 1.1 will be in motion from January

5.5.5. Comms plan in motion from February

6. Web

6.1. Ttechs

6.1.1. Jim: lead developer

6.1.2. Chris: web host and sys ad

6.1.3. Ben: themer/designer

6.1.4. Laura themer/designer (retired from TN.org, but lots of knowledge, and done TTT and movie WP sites)

6.2. Maintenance (Sam)

6.2.1. Budget

6.2.2. Process ASAP in month, run the maintenance tally as outlined in maintenance page Last TRAC tally done: 17/12/13 so run 'Jan 2014's tally from THIS date: 2013-12-17 11:21:14

6.2.3. TRAC https://tech.transitionnetwork.org/trac/report/3

6.2.4. https://tech.transitionnetwork.org/trac/wiki/TransitionMaintenance

6.2.5. Spreadsheet: timesheets for techs

6.2.6. https://tech.transitionnetwork.org/trac/wiki/TransitionMaintenance

6.3. Enhancements (Sam and Ed if suitable)

6.4. Innovation (Ed)

6.4.1. IIRS https://tech.transitionnetwork.org/trac/wiki/IIRS http://www.transitionnetwork.org/blogs/ed-mitchell/2013-08/international-initiative-registration-service-workflows

6.5. Budget and processes

6.5.1. Web and IT mastersheet (Sam for reference)

6.5.2. Annual budgetting process (Ed) working on 2014/15 budgets atm

6.5.3. Sally (book-keeper) and Nicola (fundraiser)

6.5.4. manage IT services invoices forward to Sally bookkeeper check with web budget mastersheet that they are as they should be

6.6. Tools

6.6.1. TRAC https://tech.transitionnetwork.org/trac

6.6.2. Ttech mailing list

6.6.3. Spreadsheets

6.6.4. Wiki

6.6.5. Space

6.6.6. Ttech meetings on skype

6.6.7. Drupal 6 TN.org

6.6.8. Website monitoring tools: SAM ask Chris about how things are monitored

6.6.9. Drupal 7 IIRS trial

6.6.10. BOA website publishing for TN.org

6.7. Virtual servers

6.7.1. WORDPRESS: Parrot https://tech.transitionnetwork.org/trac/wiki/ParrotServer

6.7.2. ADMIN: Penguin https://tech.transitionnetwork.org/trac/wiki/PenguinServer

6.7.3. LIVE: TN.org: Puffin https://tech.transitionnetwork.org/trac/wiki/PuffinServer

6.8. Site general

6.8.1. mix of blocks, contexts, panel pages and pane - design cheatsheet here https://docs.google.com/document/d/1z6JYGiy8EJ6pqjm_WyNUS26fQgIClmIFg0a-8y-Mots/edit#heading=h.siua52eim2e9

6.9. Websites we are responsible for

6.9.1. REconomy Wordpress on PARROT; Chris Croome responsible AND Laura Whitehead doing development

6.9.2. Transtion Network.org PUFFIN

6.9.3. Transition Town Totnes Wordpress on PARROT; Chris Croome responsible AND Laura Whitehead doing development

6.9.4. Transition Streets Wordpress on PARROT; Chris Croome responsible other developer

6.9.5. Transition Research Network Patterns site on Penguin - using WAGN software: Chris Croome

6.9.6. Earth Inheritors Wordpress on PARROT; Chris Croome responsible did own design; domain expired just now; no response from Oscar who ran it


7. Staff

7.1. Non-staff contractors or volunteers

7.1.1. Emilio: animator: does training videos

7.1.2. Emma: film-maker: made both Transition films

7.1.3. Tom Henfry - Research Network point of contact [email protected]

7.1.4. Charlotte Du Cann: TFP Editor in Chief: TFP have page on site

7.1.5. Social Reporters

7.2. Meetings

7.2.1. Monthly in rota Doing January

7.3. People

7.3.1. Nicola Hilary: fundraising: Stroud

7.3.2. Filipa Pimental: National Hubs co-ordinator: Brussels

7.3.3. Sarah McAdam: Delivery Director: London

7.3.4. Pete Lipman: chairman: Bristol

7.3.5. Sam Rossiter: Web and Comms Operations: Bristol

7.3.6. Mike Thomas: Support Co-ordinator: Bristol

7.3.7. Ed Mitchell: Web and Comms Manager: Dorchester

7.3.8. Rob Hopkins: Catalyst: Totnes

7.3.9. Amber: Rob Hopkins' PA, board organiser and more: Totnes

7.3.10. Jo Coish: Office Manager, HR, payments: Totnes

7.3.11. Fiona Ward: REconomy project lead: Totnes

7.3.12. Sophy Banks: Inner Transition, also helping with support: Totnes

7.3.13. Naresh Giangrande: Training co-ordinator: Totnes

7.3.14. Sally Croft: Book-keeper: Totnes

7.3.15. Ben Brangwyn: International co-ordinator: Totnes

8. Users

8.1. Social Reporters

8.1.1. https://www.transitionnetwork.org/stories/

8.1.2. Tools Mailing list CMS Individual emails

8.1.3. Processes Monthly rota Editor rotation Theme and edge weeks Bi-annual meets sponsored by TN Set up a new social reporter Email on SR list User registered; made a site editor and social reporter (don't make them an admin for some months) Add them to the SR CMS by adding them as a member Send them links to the CMS help sheets linked from the CMS homepage

8.2. General

8.2.1. Regular tasks and replies https://docs.google.com/document/d/1aYXPkzPNcR6LrwgPzOf0bYPc0q5CMI5DTS4Wm0LeWuQ/edit#heading=h.9ikyos9m1mau

8.2.2. Spam situation lots of spam attacks etc. multiple modules working on it; 1,2 per week users can't get through

8.2.3. Help guides /site-help

8.3. PSE users

8.3.1. Project Sharing Engine - widget goes on TI sites - closing 12/13; JK has a ticket to wind it up

8.4. CMS users

8.4.1. failed Community Microsite experiment - offering sites to TIs - didn't work - now we reccomend WP and don't offer sites to TIs - it's too much. Social Reporters use their CMS as a collaboration space - so we'll need to migrate them off their CMS into Open Atrium or other thing before closing CMS service

9. Questions from Sam/things to talk about

10. Accounts needed

10.1. TN.org: Sam set self up with account

10.1.1. done

10.2. Tn email: ed set up

10.2.1. done

10.3. membership of lists

10.3.1. staff done

10.3.2. ttech done

10.3.3. social reporters done

10.4. TRAC: Chris

10.4.1. done

10.5. SFTP and other developer stuff: Chris as suitable

10.6. Forwarder from webproject alias to [email protected]

10.6.1. done