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Solomon Chapter 12: Advertising, PR, Sales and Sales Promotion by Mind Map: Solomon Chapter 12:
Advertising, PR, Sales and Sales
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Solomon Chapter 12: Advertising, PR, Sales and Sales Promotion


1: Identify the Target Audiences

2: Establish Message and Budget Objectives

Setting Message Objectives, Inform, Persuade, Remind

Setting Budget Objectives

3: Design the Ads

Creative Strategy, Advertising Appeal, Reasons why: USP, Comparative Advertising, Demonstration, Testimonial, Celebrity Endorsement, Slice of Life, Lifestyle, Fear appeals, Sex Appeals, Humorous Appeals, Slogans and Jingles

4: Pre-test what the Ads will say

Pre-testing, Copy Testing

5: Choose the Media Type and Media Schedule

Media Planning, Aperture

Media Type, Internet Advertising, Permission Marketing, Traditional Media, TV, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines, Directories, Out-of-home media, Place-based media

Media Scheduling, Advertising Exposure, Impressions, Cost per Thousand, Reach, Frequency, Gross Rating Points, Schedules, Continous Schedule, Advertising wear-out, Pulsing Schedule, Flighting

6: Evaluate the Advertising

Post-testing, Unaided Recall, Recall Test, Aided Recall, Recognition Test, Attitudinal Measures


Nonpersonal communication paid for by and identified sponsor using mass media to persuade or inform an audience


Product Advertising

Retail and Local Advertising

Institutional Advertising, Advocacy Advertising, Public Service Announcements (PSA)

Do-it-Yourself Advertising

Advertising Campaign

A coordinated, comprehensive plan that carries out promotion objectives and results in a series of advertisements placed in media over a period of time

Advertising Agency, Limited-Service Agency, Full-Service Agency

Specialists needed, Account Management, Creative Services, Research and Marketing Services, Media Planning

Sales Promotion

programmes marketers design to build interest in or encourage the purchase Handing out free chocolate bars good if the firm has an Immediate objective

Trade Promotions

focuses on distribution channel members like retail salespeople

Discounts and Deals, Merchandising Allowance, Case Allowance, Downsides, Forward Buying, Diverting

Increasing Industry Visibility, Trade Shows, Promotional Products, Incentive Programmes, Push Money

Consumer Promotions

Price-Based Consumer Sales Promotion, Coupons, Price deals, refunds and rebates, Frequency (loyalty) programs, Special/bonus Packs

Attention-Getting Consumer Promotions, Contests and Sweepstakes, Premiums, Sampling, Point-of-Sale Promotion, Product/brand placements, Cross-Promotion

Public Relations

The communications function that seeks to build good relationships with an organization's publics. "Do something good, and then talk about it."





Introducing new Products to Manufacturers

Introducing new Products to Consumers

Influencing Government legislation

Enhancing the Image of an Organisation

Enhancing the Image of a City, Region or Country

Crisis Management

Calling Attention to a Firm's Involvement with the Community


1: Develop clear objectives for the PR program

2: Develop a campaign strategy, Statement of Objectives, Situation Analysis, Specification of target audiences and messages, Timetable and budget, Discussion of how the program will be evaluated


Press releases

Internal PR

Investor Relations, Annual reports


Speech Writing

Corporate Identity

Media Relations


Special Events

Buzz Building

Advice and Consultancy

Personal Selling

Company representative interacts directly with a customer

p. 463


personal communication vial telephone


CRM software

Partner Relationship Management (PRM)

Types of Sales Jobs

Order Taker

Technical Specialist

Missionary Salesperson

New-Business salesperson, Order Getter

Team Selling


Transactional Selling: Putting on the hard Sell

Relationship Selling: Building Long-Term Customers

Creative Selling Process

Personal Selling is more successful if the salesperson undergoes a systematic series of steps

1: Prospecting and Qualifying, Prospecting, Social Networks, Cold Calling, Referrals, Qualify

2: Pre-Approach

3: Approach

4: Sales Presentation

5: Handling Objection, Objections

6: Close the Sales

7: Follow-Up

Sales Management

Management of the personal selling function

1: Setting Sales Force Objectives

2: Creating a Sales Force Strategy, Sales Territory, Geographic sales force structure, Industry Specialisation

3: Recruiting, Training and Rewarding the Sales Force

4: Evaluating the Sales Force

Direct Marketing

"Any direct communication to a customer or business recipient that is designed to generate a response in the form of an order, a request for further information and/or a visit to a shop or other place of business for purchase of a product"

Mail Order


Direct Mail


direct marketing via telephone

Direct-Response Advertising

Direct-Response TV


M = Mobile

SMS marketing