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Solomon Chapter 12: Advertising, PR, Sales and Sales Promotion by Mind Map: Solomon Chapter 12: Advertising, PR, Sales and Sales Promotion
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Solomon Chapter 12: Advertising, PR, Sales and Sales Promotion


1: Identify the Target Audiences

2: Establish Message and Budget Objectives

3: Design the Ads

4: Pre-test what the Ads will say

5: Choose the Media Type and Media Schedule

6: Evaluate the Advertising


Nonpersonal communication paid for by and identified sponsor using mass media to persuade or inform an audience


Advertising Campaign

A coordinated, comprehensive plan that carries out promotion objectives and results in a series of advertisements placed in media over a period of time

Sales Promotion

programmes marketers design to build interest in or encourage the purchase Handing out free chocolate bars good if the firm has an Immediate objective

Trade Promotions

focuses on distribution channel members like retail salespeople

Consumer Promotions

Public Relations

The communications function that seeks to build good relationships with an organization's publics. "Do something good, and then talk about it."





Personal Selling

Company representative interacts directly with a customer

p. 463


personal communication vial telephone


Types of Sales Jobs


Creative Selling Process

Personal Selling is more successful if the salesperson undergoes a systematic series of steps

Sales Management

Management of the personal selling function

Direct Marketing

"Any direct communication to a customer or business recipient that is designed to generate a response in the form of an order, a request for further information and/or a visit to a shop or other place of business for purchase of a product"

Mail Order


direct marketing via telephone

Direct-Response Advertising


M = Mobile