Lauren Suelke

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Lauren Suelke by Mind Map: Lauren Suelke

1. Cell Phone

1.1. Oil

1.1.1. 3 Years Donate it to cell phones for soldiers.

2. Radio

2.1. Oil

2.1.1. 5 Years Take apart and use scrap metal, screw, or anything else useful around the house that might be needed.

3. Eraser

3.1. Rubber

3.1.1. 1 Year Use until it is completely gone and not just throw it away when it gets really small.

4. Pencils

4.1. Trees

4.1.1. One week Use it until it is gone or only use lead pencils and buy lead so that there is less trees being used to make pencils that are often thrown away once they are too small.

5. Nail Polish

5.1. Nitrocellulose

5.1.1. 1 Year Leave it on longer and only do one coat of the color.

6. T-Shirts

6.1. Cotton

6.1.1. 2 Years Cut up and use as rags.

7. Kitchen Table

7.1. Trees

7.1.1. 10 Years Sell to another person through the internet or burn as firewood.

8. Coat

8.1. Cotton

8.1.1. 2 Years Donate or pass on as a hand-me-down.

9. Shampoo

9.1. Animal fat

9.1.1. 1 month Use a dime-sized amount instead of a quarter-sized amount.

10. Bowl

10.1. Clay

10.1.1. 5 Years Use as a dog food or water bowl.

11. Bread

11.1. Wheat

11.1.1. 1 Week Buy a smaller amount making sure that we finish eating it all or if we have too much make a compost pile.

12. Chairs

12.1. Trees

12.1.1. 7 Years Take apart chair and use as firewood.

13. Door Knob

13.1. Metal

13.1.1. 15 Years Use as long as possible and instead of buying a whole new one buy the small parts to fix it if it breaks.

14. Toothpaste

14.1. Fluoride

14.1.1. Half a year Use a smaller amount and make sure I get all of the toothpaste out of the tube.

15. Jewelry

15.1. Gold

15.1.1. 10 Years Sell to people who can melt it back and reform it for another person.

16. Gum

16.1. Tree

16.1.1. 1 Day Make a compost pile that I can throw my gum into that will decompose naturally with everything else in it.

17. Jeans

17.1. Denim

17.1.1. 3 Years Turn them into paper.

18. Xbox

18.1. Oil

18.1.1. 7 Years Sell to another person or buy parts to fix it instead of buying a new one.

19. Conditioner

19.1. Animal Fat

19.1.1. 1 Month Use a smaller amount such as a dime-sized and make sure not too drop any.

20. Paper

20.1. Trees

20.1.1. 2 Months If I'm writing something down I should try to write in a smaller space and write smaller altogether so that i use up less space on the paper so I could use less of it.

21. Televison

21.1. Oil

21.1.1. 10 Years Take apart and sell as scrap metal that will be recycled into new improved products.

22. Water

22.1. Water

22.1.1. A lifetime, 80 to 90 years Take shorter showers, turn off the water while brushing my teeth, Use little as possible when washing the dishes.

23. Napkins

23.1. Trees

23.1.1. 1 day When at home use wash cloths that can be washed instead of thrown away, when away from home use only a small portion of the napkin so that it can be reused more than once.

24. Plastic cup

24.1. Oil

24.1.1. 1 day When I can I should use a glass cup so that i can wash it and reuse it instead of throwing it away after one use.

25. Corn

25.1. It's grown from the ground.

25.1.1. 1 day Take the corn that is not eaten and dry and replant it.

26. Chapstick

26.1. Animal fat

26.1.1. 6 weeks Use until it is completely gone instead of throwing it away when it is near the bottom of the tube.