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This Is Branding by Mind Map: This Is Branding
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This Is Branding


"Take the Corporate out of Corporate Culture" - Natalie Burgwin (1-800-GOT-JUNK?)

It's all about People

PIPE, Passion, Integrity, Professionalism, Empathy

Setting Goals, Professional, Personal, "Can You Imagine?" Wall

Celebrating Wins, The 7-minute team huddle, share good news, in the news, missing systems & opportunities, opportunities to thank, cheer

Sharing Stories, 101 Life Goals, Painted Picture

"Put Your Best Face Forward: Visual Branding by Photos" - Ronald Lee (Eat Visuals)

Good Imagery / Visuals

great impact on personal & business brands




good 1st impression

make messages more interesting

tell your story

explain point of view

Benefits of engaging a Professional Photographer


your Brand is about YOU

gives / takes credibility to / from your brand

inspires trust & comfort

attracts new clients

create a relationship with your audience without you having to ever meet them

provides a glimpse of your personality

"Your photo is not for YOU - it is for your audience" (to like / connect with)

Nov 23, 2013 [ 9am – 5pm ] @ CoLabs Communities

"BRANDING 101" - Rob Barnett (Straydog Branding)

A Brand is...

a promise

a gut feeling

a story

perception in the customer's mind

born of experience

reflect reputation

the differentiator, competitive advantage, unique value proposition, no substitute

Personal Brand

allows individuals to differentiate themselves

built upon skills, values, passions, and personality


builds trust & consistency

creates a stand-out message

create focus & clarity, Who are you?, What do you do?, Why does it matter?

The NAME, Strong vs. Weak, "SMILE", Suggestive, Meaningful, Imagery, Legs, Emotion

Taglines, focused

Brand Identity, Logo, good impression, easy to remember, work in single color & at small size

Process, 16 steps

"Discovering Your Secret Sauce" - Karley Cunningham (Big Bold Brand)


what makes you unique from competitors?

uniqueness provides value for client?

Branding Tips

know your audience

ensure your relevance

show up where audience spends their time

be consistent

take time to build each channel

provide value & proof

"Give A Damn" (G.A.D.) factor

does your uniqueness matter to customer?

Your Secret Sauce

Unique to Market: HIGH

Client benefit x Desire: HIGH

"What if Virgin Hired Kevin O'Leary?" - David Childs (Living Blueprint)


Company, Company Brand, Culture, Values, Beliefs, Mission

Individuals, Personal Brand, Values, Beliefs, Goals, History

Brand Impression, Conscious, Unconscious

Market, History, Beliefs, Values, Culture, Needs / Wants