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Environmental Science Deena by Mind Map: Environmental Science Deena
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Environmental Science Deena


With many ecosystems based on climate and elevation.


Temperate deciduous forest

Coniferous forest








A place where all biotic and abiotic factors are interacting.

Abiotic Factors

An object that is not, never was and never could be living or part of a living thing.

Biotic Factors

Anything that is or was living or was part of a living thing.


A living thing.


A group of different organisms that interact with eachother.

Ecological Succession

A process in which the communities of an ecosystem change over time.

Primary Succession

Occurs in places where an ecosystem has never existed. Ex.: a newly formed island

Secondary Succession

The process that begins in an ecosystem when something has destroyed or disturbed the natural ecosystem. Ex.: A natural disaster


Limiting Factors

Factors that prevent a species from reaching its carrying capacity.

Carrying Capacity

The maximum amount of a species that an environment can support.

Population Growth Rate

How quickly a specie's population grows.

Exponential Growth

Population Growth

Water Pollution

Point Source

Pollution that can be traced back to a source and is dumped directly into a body of water. Ex. factories, sewers, oil-leaking boats

Nonpoint Source

Pollution that is difficult to trace the source of and is washed into a body of water. Ex. Motor oil, soda cans, cigarette butts, fertilizers, dog waste.

Organic Pollutant

A pollutant that occurs and is found in nature.

Inorganic Pollutant

A pollutant added to the environment by man, often the result of urbanization.


The physical growth of urban areas.


a source of supply, support, or aid, esp. one that can be readily drawn upon when needed.

Natural Resources

Materials or things that people use from the Earth

Non-renewable Resources

Any material/energy source that can not be replaced within a human lifespan. Ex: gold, fossil fuels, coal, rocks/minerals, nuclear energy, uranium

Renewable Resources

Any material/energy source that circles or can be replaced within a human lifespan Ex:wind, trees, air, water, solar power, animals



An underground layer of a permeable surface that stores water.


The removal of salt/chemicals from water. Can occur through: evaporation, freezing, reverse osmosis

Water Purification

The process of removing undesirable contaminants from water.


A region drained by, or one that contributes to, a stream, lake, okr other body of water. (there are 104 in Pennsylvania)


A surface that does not allow any type of fluid/water to pass through. Ex: pavement, cement