SAP HANA Platform

The SAP HANA Platform by SAP is an appliance which combines end-to-end and enterprise-ready functionalities for creating state-of-the-art business applications.

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SAP HANA Platform by Mind Map: SAP HANA Platform

1. Platform

1.1. SAP on HANA

1.1.1. SAP BW on HANA SAP BW Modeling Tools for Eclipse (SAP BW 7.4) developing BW models in SAP HANA Studio pushing SAP BW models into SAP HANA models (views) for e.g. SAP Lumira Newly introduced modeling architecture

1.1.2. SAP CRM on HANA

1.1.3. SAP ERP on HANA

1.1.4. Single Node Appliance ( up to 1 TB )

1.1.5. Scale-Out Appliance ( from 1 TB )

1.2. HANA by Site

1.2.1. Remote Instances for consuming data in e.g. SAP BW

1.3. Mixed solutions

1.4. NLS solutions

1.4.1. e.g. IQ NLS

1.4.2. relevant for systems with 3-4 TB upward

1.4.3. keeping in mind that NLS data is COLD data

2. Deployment options

2.1. Cloud

2.1.1. Cloud type Hybrid Cloud Public Cloud Amazon Web Services HANA Enterprise Cloud SAP HANA Cloud Platform SAP Cloud Appliance Library Enterprise (Private) Cloud SAP Suite on HANA

2.1.2. Cloud service Software as a Service Platform as a Service Infrastructure as a Service

2.1.3. Security

2.1.4. (Landscape) Integration

2.2. OnPremise, SAP HANA Appliance

2.2.1. Inhouse

2.2.2. Ousourcing

3. Rapid Deployment Solutions

3.1. HANA data models

3.2. Optimizing existing processes

3.3. Technical migration kits (best paractices)

3.4. SAP HANA live

3.4.1. as by site solution (any DB with ERP)

3.4.2. integrated solution with ERP on top

4. Database

4.1. Row and Column Store - no aggregates

4.2. Partitioning and Compression

4.3. Insert only on Delta

4.4. Multi-core CPU for parallel processing

4.5. logic "push down" on database level

5. In-Memory Features (overview)

5.1. In-Memory Queries, optimized Joins

5.1.1. Graphical Modeling by SAP HANA Views

5.2. Predictive and Business Analytics

5.3. Text Analytics (incl. Fuzzy Search)

5.3.1. predefined Libraries which can be extended

5.3.2. by Linguistic (verb/noun/..), Core Extraction (Organization, Person,...) and Sentiment (Problem, Emoticon, Sentiment) in different languages possible

5.4. Geospatial Analytics

5.5. Time Series Operations

6. Appliance

6.1. Security

6.1.1. Analytical Authorization

6.1.2. System Authorization

6.1.3. Authorization profiles HANA XS / Webserver (Application) Authorization (SPS6) Privilege Authorization (SPS7)

6.1.4. Data encryption (SPS7)

6.2. Modeling

6.2.1. Database (SQL Engine) Procedures SQLScript SQL Sequences Tables Table Types Database Views

6.2.2. Engine Modeling Procedures SQLScript SQL R language HANA Views Calculation View Analytic View Attribute View Hierarchies Variables and Input parameter Currency conversion Decision tables Ranking Semantic Layer

6.2.3. Predictive SAP HANA Application Function Library (SPS7) Predictive Analysis Library (PAL) Business Function Library (BFL)

6.2.4. Geospatial processing (SPS7) ESRI support (SPS8)

6.3. Search

6.3.1. Fuzzy Search

6.3.2. Full Text Search

6.4. ABAP

6.4.1. SAP HANA View Consumption in ABAP

6.4.2. SAP HANA Procedure Consumption in ABAP

6.4.3. SAP ABAP Development Tools for Eclipse

6.5. Administration Monitoring

6.5.1. Statistic Server

6.6. Importing

6.6.1. CSV

6.6.2. SAP Landscape Transformation ABAP transformation logic real-time loading trigger based for a table directly on SAP systems or with AS Server for other DBMS

6.6.3. BusinessObjects Data Services Business transformations possible Minimum 5min for loading

6.6.4. SAP or Non-SAP

6.6.5. Smart Data Access supports Hadoop (SPS7) DBMS based connection works with virtual tables (via Smart Data Access Layer) virtual, real-time supports DB2 (SPS8)

6.6.6. Smart Data Integration extends Smart Data Access

6.6.7. SAP Direct Extractor Connection (DXC) from SAP ERP ( (Embedded) BW)

6.6.8. Webservice (XSJS), Native Development

6.6.9. JDBC / ODBC

6.6.10. Python, node.js

6.7. Presentation

6.7.1. Mobile/Desktop SAPUI5 Fiori-styled Classic-styled contain Analytical library (viz) (not in OPENUI5)

6.7.2. BusinessObjects (separate license) WebIntelligence DashboardDesigner Analysis Design Studio (based on Eclipse) Crystal Reports

6.7.3. SAP Lumira (based on Eclipse) 30 days free personal edition

6.7.4. SAP HANA Studio (Preview)

6.8. HANA XS / Webserver

6.8.1. UI5 (View) for SAPUI5 SAP Fiori (Framework), pattern-designed Dashboard for seamingly integration of Apps SAPUI5 extends OpenUI5 by Viz library and other libraries for a better integration with SAP Products Library available with for OpenUI5 (introduced with TechEd 11.12.2013) XML or JavaScript-based Views

6.8.2. Job scheduling (SPS7)

6.8.3. Web-based development perspective becomes less important with SAP WebIDE for SAP HANA (SPS11)

6.8.4. SAP River (SPS7), rapid data model development Power Builder obsolete! See SAP WebIDE for SAP HCP or SAP HANA

6.8.5. Persistence Layer (Model) Cored Data Services (CDS) for SAP HANA XSODATA (as JSON, XML format)

6.9. Development

6.9.1. native HANA: Gateway Services / Netweaver Gateway ( OData Service, which combines JSON and REST ) SAP River (SPS7) for combining Information Models and OData in one programming language Appl.: SAPUI5 ( HTML5, CSS3, JS ) Developing Process 1. Admin 2. Database 3. Applications 4. UI Clients

6.9.2. non-native ODBC C++ .NET JDBC Java ODBO Windows-based MDX Client (Excel) ABAP Application SAP HANA Integration of ABAP

6.9.3. Workspaces

6.9.4. Development on Application Logic

6.10. SAP HANA Interactive Education (SHINE)