Simple Machines

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Simple Machines by Mind Map: Simple Machines

1. 1st Class Levers

1.1. The fulcrum is between the input and output force

1.2. Scissors, tongs and seesaws are examples

2. 2nd Class Levers

2.1. Output force is located between input force and the fulcrum

2.2. A wheelbarrow is a second class lever

3. 3rd Class Levers

3.1. Input force is located between the fulcrum and output force

3.2. Basball bats, hockey sticks, and golf clubs

4. Wedge

4.1. V-shaped object whose sides are two inclined planes sloped toward eachother

4.2. Knife blade is a wedge

4.3. Inclined plane: which is a type of simple machine

5. Wheel and Axle

5.1. A simple machine consisting of two disks or cylinders, and each one has a different radius

5.2. Steering wheel is an example

5.3. Is a lever, which is a type of simple machine

5.4. Cars, roller skates, door knobs and gears

6. Pulley

6.1. Consists of a rope that fits into a groove in a wheel

6.2. A pulley system can move large objects

6.3. Lever: type of simple machine

6.4. Flag poles, sailboat, crane and blinds

7. Work

7.1. Product of force and distance

7.2. Formula: Force multipled by distance

7.3. Units: Joules

7.4. When you are moving a desk, work is being done

7.5. Simple machinces make work easier

8. Power

8.1. Rate of doing work

8.2. Formula: Work divided by time

8.3. Units: Watts

9. Mechanical Advantage

9.1. Ratio of the force produced by a machine to the force applied by it

9.2. Output force divided by the input force

10. Screw

10.1. Inclined plane wrapped around a cylinder

10.2. Nuts are a screw

10.3. Is a inclined plane, which is a type of simple machine