Live Mapping of TEDxAmsterdam

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Live Mapping of TEDxAmsterdam by Mind Map: Live Mapping of TEDxAmsterdam

1. Tips

1.1. you can click at the end of a branch to see the next level

1.2. hold your mouse button to move the whole map

1.3. when the information increases use zoom in and out

1.4. use the button next to the zoom to enlarge the screen

2. previous speakers of today

2.1. Job Cohen

2.1.1. incredible Joris

2.1.2. common rep Adam same

2.1.3. 17th cent city

2.1.4. golden age Adam world power intern trade 1st stock exchange VOC 100 ships 1st multinational

2.1.5. 1st intern crises

2.1.6. free intern trade made possible citizens themselves peaceful cohabitation

2.1.7. new city culture paintings famous writers dsrib. centers of ideas Descartes Locke objective of state is freedom

2.1.8. tomorrow begins today pillars strat. geogr. location creative industries fin bus center open culure where ideas worth spreading welcome TEDx

2.2. Frans Timmermans

2.2.1. open minded, secretive, intelligent

2.2.2. minister ;)

2.2.3. fear can be fun like Sparrow also polically 4 to the good to the moon hard also suffocate paralyse our values will go under? others must disappear? such a low level of self confindence do not impose your ideas

2.2.4. huge choice turns all into Jonesy character Dad's army 1st ww hero? Jones or Sparrow? Big Challange 1st time resource are not indefinete bas news good news cracken has far more then 1 tentacle speed of change is enourmous fear of the other

2.2.5. weak response to this challange irrational? r real mimic the feemongers hold eachothers hands no need to look the cracken in the eye

2.2.6. easy to use the 2 poles between the 2 dichotomy is gone the foo is he/she with other identity very dangerous politicians must be very careful especially the left be honest towards fears

2.2.7. what r u going to do about this going to be difficult must solve together all governments diversity is key fun, great not 'cost money'

2.2.8. day by day we will prevail as a society BIG applause

2.3. Jacob Gelt Dekker

2.3.1. entrepreneur

2.3.2. traveller

2.3.3. why here? profit?

2.3.4. we can talk about this in total freedom

2.3.5. story of Gerrit like mr Erasmus paid with his freedom like Theo Gabriel DaCosta coverted to Judaism Thesis: found out Life after death a new concept we never believed in life after death from Portugal Spinoza we are God, I am God condemned to eternity mandevil vice can be virtue greed u r sitting here in freedom fight to keep it looking 4 a guru? won't find it only u can act don't create your own demon's catch your lepracon unify with your own self - pot of gold - fantastic power don't fight allow yourself most succesful species never before i am trhilled to witness you will become so succesful wish you a great joy!

2.4. Christien Meindertsma

2.5. Nico Baken

2.5.1. Levi Strauss “Just as the individual is not alone in the group, nor any one in society alone among the others, so man is not alone in the universe.”

2.5.2. What are holons fysical logical entities form a whole as a community hydrogen atom is part of H2o is part of droplet is part of ocean house neighborhood city etc aggregationlevels u r holons conceptual holons alfabet sectors make structure of society dilemma Think in terms of holons

2.6. Mabel van Oranje

2.7. Alain de Botton

2.8. Jan Donner

2.9. Louise Vet

2.10. Gernout Erens

2.11. Abraham Soetendorp

2.12. Gerhard Knies

2.13. Gary Carter

2.14. Jaap Elzas

2.15. Kevin Kelly

2.16. Claire Boonstra

2.17. Alexander Bucksch / Daniel Berio

2.18. Hans Aarsman

2.19. Marcel Dicke

3. We're not mapping live currently

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4. We would love to use live mindmapping to support dialogues in resolving conflicts

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4.2.1. Roland Wijnen - World of Minds

4.2.2. Alexis van Dam - Hypershifters

4.2.3. Jerre Lubberts - aHa!Coaching