Characteristics of Authentic Learning

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Characteristics of Authentic Learning by Mind Map: Characteristics of Authentic Learning

1. Collaboration should be integral to task as in real-life

2. Realistic tasks

2.1. ill-define, complex problems

2.1.1. students must define the parameters (e.g. sub-tasks)

2.1.2. students select what to include/exclude

2.1.3. no single, right/wrong solution students have choice over the mode of the assessment - not predetermined

2.2. multiple perspectives and interpretations

2.3. tasks takes time

2.4. tasks takes time

3. Realistic Contexts (Situated cognition)

3.1. Task is set in a real-world context

3.2. intrinsic interest for the learner

3.3. Task is set in a real-world context

3.3.1. by replicating real-world tools

3.3.2. by using 'live' or real data

3.3.3. multiple ways for students to to answer the problme

3.4. encourages students to think like 'experts'

4. Support collaborative knowledge construction

4.1. Low Priority

5. Assessment reflects real life

5.1. seamlessly integrated in task, not separate to it

5.2. the output of the task is valid in its own right (rather than as preparation for something else)

5.3. results in the production of real products/artefacts

6. Access to expert performances (modelling tasks)

6.1. Idea 4

7. Opportunities for reflection and metacognition

7.1. force students to reflect on the choices they have made

8. Coaching and scaffolding from teacher

8.1. cognitive apprenticeship model

8.1.1. making the processes of thinking more visible