Healthy Food+Drink @ Riverdale

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Healthy Food+Drink @ Riverdale by Mind Map: Healthy Food+Drink @ Riverdale

1. You won't get de-hydrated

2. How much time does it take to burn off fatty food?

2.1. Internet

2.2. Weight watches books

3. Healthy food is good for you

4. What foods are good for you?

4.1. Read a book about it

5. In which ways does healthy food + drink affect our hauora?

5.1. Survey people

5.2. Internet

5.3. Interview people

6. Healthy food affects your Physical side.

7. Why do some people not care if they get obese?

7.1. Ask someone obese

8. How many minerals and vitamins should you have a day?

8.1. Ask Experts

8.2. Ask sientists

9. Healthy food affects your social side.

10. How much treats should you have a week?

10.1. Use Weight watches books

10.2. Ask Experts / Interview them.

11. Healthy food affects your spiritual side

12. How much healthy drink in the world are there?

12.1. Internet

12.2. Programs

13. Healthy food affects your Emotional/Mental side

14. How do you get people to eat healthier?

14.1. Tell them what the affects of eating healthier are

15. Gives you energy for fitness

16. If you don't eat healthy Food+Drink how does that affect your physical side?

16.1. Ask people

16.2. Research

17. It has vitamans that you need

18. How do you get head aches if you don't drink enough water?

18.1. Ask someone who knows

18.2. Use the internet someone has written the answer on.