Snack @ Riverdale School

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Snack @ Riverdale School by Mind Map: Snack @ Riverdale School

1. Affects Physical Hauora

1.1. Its healthy

1.2. Makes you feel good

2. Snacks are healthy food

2.1. Fruit

2.2. Crackers

2.3. Cheese

2.4. Bread

2.5. Veggie

3. Its at 10'clock

4. It energising you

5. Does Every snack makes you feel good?

5.1. Interview some people

6. Why do we choose to eat Bread Fruit Cracker and cheese

6.1. research

7. What part of Haoura effets the most?

7.1. suvey

8. What snack is most popular?

8.1. suvey

9. How much vitimins does your snack need to be healthy?

9.1. research

10. Gives your brain power

11. It has heaps of vitimins in it

12. How much sugar should be in a snack?

12.1. research

13. Sometimes the teacher read