Athletics at Riverdale school

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Athletics at Riverdale school by Mind Map: Athletics at Riverdale school

1. physical+social

2. events

3. Tuesday lunch time.

4. house groups

5. Massey track

6. We will go on a bus.

7. Wich side it benefits

7.1. Test it out.

7.2. Reasearch

7.3. Ask people.

8. why do we have to do it?

8.1. Interview Mr McCallum/Ms peck

8.2. Video it.

9. How long does it take us to get there

9.1. Measure the distance

9.2. Time it.

9.3. Go on Google earth

10. Who will be our leader.

10.1. Wait till the athletics day

10.2. Ask some of the people in your group.

11. Why does it help our physical side.

11.1. We could ask our parent's

11.2. Test it by just by doing some of the events.

11.3. Ask some peo

12. wich side does it benefit more

12.1. Ask Mr M

12.2. Interview Mr M

13. Why was atheistic invented at the