Team and Issue

Use this concept map as a template to create a plan for your debate. This is a basic suggestion for format and roles. Your group's concept map should be personalized, explore your issue more fully, and showcase your group's research and collaboration.

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Team and Issue by Mind Map: Team and Issue

1. Coach, Editor, and Director

1.1. Preparation

1.2. Collaboration

1.3. Clarity of Expression

1.4. Timing

1.5. Debate Format

1.6. Etiquette

2. Opening Statement

2.1. Define the issue

2.2. Why is it important?

2.3. Historical Discussion

2.4. Essential Background Information

3. Arguments

3.1. Major Points (3-4) with cited evidence

4. Cross Examination

4.1. Predict opposition point

5. Rebuttal

5.1. Predict other side's arguments

5.2. Defenses and Offenses

6. Closing Statement

6.1. Summary of debate

6.2. Convincing explaination your side is right.

7. Roles and Planning

7.1. Read Instruction, Rubrics, and Handouts.

7.2. Decide on roles and develop a plan for each day until the debate.

7.3. Create a google drive for the team, and create a mind map to send to Mr. Crissman.

7.4. Complete Google Survey Debate Team Plan

8. Instructions, Rubrics, and Handouts


8.2. Debate Handout Form

8.3. Concept Map Directions

8.4. Concept Map Template

9. Research and Citations

9.1. Submit citiations