Domestic Waste

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Domestic Waste by Mind Map: Domestic Waste

1. Paper

1.1. Newspapers Cardboard Corrugated cardboard

1.1.1. Recycling stations Fibre recovery plant in Fiskeby, Norrköping "Washing" in a special spinning drum Sorting: Newspapers older than 3 months (poor quality) Incineration

2. Plastic

2.1. Hard Plastic containers Film Packaging Other soft plastic

2.1.1. Recycling stations State-owned companies Vattenfall AB Private companies e.g. Swerec

2.1.2. Deposit points (Drink bottles) Returpack

3. Metal

3.1. Steel Aluminium

3.1.1. Recycling stations 30 metal sorting stations nationwide Preliminary sorting and compression

4. Glass

4.1. Coloured Glass

4.1.1. > 7000 recycling stations (23 in Uppsala) Glass recycling plant in Hammar, Närke Screening and cleaning

4.2. Clear Glass

5. Electrical and Electronic Products

5.1. Assorted electrical goods Televisions and monitors Fridges and freezers Large white goods Lighting Fluorescent tubes Portable batteries

5.1.1. 8 municipal recycling centres and various electronics collection points 20+ recycling plants nationwide Sorting and disassembly

6. Used tyres

6.1. Local garages and tyre companies

6.1.1. Shredding plant Tyre shreds (coarse, double, fine) Energy recovery Material reuse

7. General waste

7.1. Recycling stations

7.1.1. Uppsala Vatten Hovgården Sorting for compostables Many more...

7.1.2. Vattenfall AB Incineration District heating Electricity Steam Districting cooling